IVR 3D Secure

Security is always a matter of concern while making any IVR transactions. Thus, to increase the security of your merchant IVR transactions, an additional layer of authentication has been added.


Now, to make any merchant IVR / mobile application based transaction, you will need to generate an IVR Password before performing the transaction. ‘ IVR password ’ ensures that your IVR transactions are completely secure and do not fall prey to misuse.


So now every time you book movie tickets or shop via merchant IVR / mobile application service, be assured that your money and Credit Card details are secured.

What are the benefits of IVR password?

IVR transactions get more secure!

  • Additional security for your credit card details
  • IVR password is valid for a maximum of 3 attempts (successful & unsuccessful attempts), for a period of 2 hours

How to generate the IVR password?

By Sending SMS request - A very simple 2-step process:

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