Key Feature Summary

Transparency and Control: 

  • Transparency and visibility of actual airfare cost
  • Single Company card account lodged with travel management company, ensuring preferred supplier and travel policy compliance

Substantial Savings:

  • Extended payment terms up to 50 days on your travel account
  • Enhanced travel data reports bifurcating top spenders, top destinations, top suppliers to negotiate with preferred airlines and hotels for customized deals and discounts.
  • Complimentary business travel accident insurance cover*


  • Expense data information enables easy reconciliation and payment.
  • Ability to integrate with existing corporate ERP System without additional investment.
  • No need to process multiple invoices.
  • Eliminate multiple employee reimbursements and cash advances.
  • Streamlines accounting procedures by consolidating transaction data from around the world

Visibility towards Travel Expenses:

  • 24x7 online access to customized MIS reports
  • Consolidated statement with enhanced data provides visibility to travel expenses.
  • Airline / Hotel / Merchant wise break up reports
  • Net fare charged by Airline gets debited to Card & all cancellations comes on the Card