• Seamless Onboarding: Customers can experience the App features in Pre-login, without registration. Easy digital onboarding enables them to Invest from day one.

  • Investment Profiling: Customers can preselect their Investment Profile or answer a simple questionnaire to evaluate their profile. This helps to determine the asset classes (equity, debt, gold etc) and the style of Investment (growth, value etc) that the customer is comfortable with.

  • Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing: Customized approach to help Investors achieve their financial objective including measuring the progress, tracking & rebalancing recommendations. It features multi product model portfolios tailor made to Investment profiles. The App has a unique feature of portfolio rebalancing which helps to maintain the original asset allocation strategy aligned to the customer’s Investment profile and goals.

  • Investment Journey – Milestone based financial planning & DIY Investments: The App offers an engaging Investment experience to the customer by enabling them to visualize and aspire for the milestones they wish to achieve in life. It understands the customers Investment needs and recommends the products in line with their milestones. It also features a DIY tool where in the customers can Invest in their choice of funds.

  • Engaging Dashboard: The App features a smart and comprehensive dashboard which gives a wholistic view of Investments to the customer. It highlights the total market value of the Investments held by the customer, his family wealth, if any goals need attention, the SIP calendar, complete breakdown and analytics of the customer’s Investments across assets, products and instruments.

  • Consolidated Account Statements & Reports: The App enables the customer to view all his Investments in one place by uploading his CAS with a single click. The App generates automated statements – Transaction Statement, Holding Statement and Capital Gain/Loss Statement giving a 360 degree portfolio reporting.

  • Virtual RM: The App gives an enhanced experience to the customers by offering a virtual rm to assist and address their needs and proactively resolve their queries. Making the Investment experience omnipresent for the customers, the virtual rm will always be relevant, real – time and adding to the personalized experience.