Our Corporate Commitment

Our Corporate Commitment

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We are a member of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI). As a member, we are committed to follow the prescribed standards of banking practices as detailed in the 'Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers'. 

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To refer to the Code of Banks Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises, please select below the language of your choice:


Click here to view the BCSBI Newsletter - Customer Matters

Click here to view the Deceased Deposits Policy with Nomination Rules

Click here to view the Revival & Rehabiliation of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Click here to view Policy guidelines for MSEs

Click here to view OTS Policy for MSEs 

Click here to view the rehabilitation policy for MSEs.

Click here to view the status of MSME applications received / sanctioned / rejected during the quarter ended Mar'24.

Click here to view timelines for credit decisions.


To view the names and contact details of our Senior Management Team click here

To view the status of your complaint Click here.

Know more about your rights and the services you are entitled to receive as an HDFC Bank Account holder. Citizens Charter

New Guidelines on release of property documents in case of death of owner or joint owner of the property in retail loans. To view our Guidelines on release of property documents in case of death click here

Cheque Collection Policy To view our Cheque Collection Policy click here

Customer Compensation Policy To view our Customer Compensation Policy click here

Comprehensive Deposit Policy To view our Comprehensive Deposit Policy click here

Grievance Redressal Policy To view our Grievance Redressal Policy click here

Customer Acceptance, Customer Care & Customer Severance Policy To view our Customer Acceptance, Customer Care & Customer Severance Policy click here

Model Policy on Collections of Dues and Repossession of Security To view our Model Policy click here

FAQs on KYC Norms

Click here for FAQs on KYC Norms

Customer Rights Policy

Click here to view our Customer Rights Policy

Customer Protection Policy

Click here to view our Customer Protection Policy

Report Unsolicited Calls

To report any unsolicited commercial communication you can email us at unsolicitedcalls@hdfcbank.com or SMS UCC to 5676712 or call us on 022-28569303


Click here for RBI IRACP - FAQs

RBI IRACP - Annexure

Click here for RBI IRACP - Annexure

If you have not received a satisfactory response within 30 days of lodging a complaint you may approach Integrated Ombudsman appointed by the Reserve Bank Of India. Click here for details. 

Click here for Nodal Officers.

Click here Active Collection Vendor List

Clickhere Terminated Collection Vendor List

Click here Authorised-Active Recovery agencies - Risk intelligent and Control

Business Continuity Plan

Click here to view our Business Continuity Plan

Repayment of Loans through Collection Agencies / Executives

Click here for Customer Guidelines

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