Why open a Demat Account with HDFC Bank? 

Avail of the following features and benefits with a Demat Account from HDFC Bank:

  • Preferential pricing 

Premier Banking customers can enjoy preferential pricing and discounts on Account Maintenance Charges (AMC). As a cross-product benefit, HDFC Bank Savings Account customers can enjoy AMC waiver for the first year of Demat Account opening.  

  • Wide range of securities 

You can invest in and hold a multitude of securities, such as equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments. You can also hold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds in your Demat Account. 

  • Hassle-free movement of funds 

You can link your HDFC Bank Savings Account to your Demat and Trading Account. This way, you can enjoy hassle-free fund transfer from Savings Account to your Trading Account. Also, you can instantly redeem your investment returns from your Demat Account to your Savings Account. 

  • Track investments 

You can track your investments and get account statement at any time, any place, via Net Banking. Optimise your investments to maximise returns.  

  • Basket investing 

Create long term wealth with professionally curated and diversified portfolio. You can invest in multiple stocks and ETFs at once, using the one-click investment option. 

  • Digital Loan facility available 

You can pledge your shares and Mutual Funds to avail of a quick Digital Loan. This way, you can get access to quick financing without liquidating your important assets. 

Below are the options to open the HDFC Bank Demat a/c: 

  1. DigiDemat 2in1 Demat & Trading A/c: 

    Existing HDFC Bank a/c holders, click here to open DigiDemat 2in1 Demat & Trading a/c. Experience the joy of seamless investing. Open DigiDemat 2in1 account in just 3 easy steps! You can complete the process in less than 10^mins 

    Pre-requisites for successful a/c opening: 

  • Keep PAN & Aadhaar card handy 

  • Keep Cust id, Bank a/c no & Bank IFSC code handy 

  • Mobile number to be linked with Aadhaar 

  • Picture of signature on white paper for upload 

  1. SmartInvest 3in1 A/c (Savings A/c + Demat A/c + Trading A/c) 

     If you don’t have HDFC Bank a/c, click here to open SmartInvest 3in1 Account  

  • With 3-in-1 Account Manage Savings, Start Investing. Create Portfolio. Build Wealth  

  • Safe, Secure & Seamless investment experience  

  • Enjoy earning savings account interest till trade order execution  

  • Multiple Investment platforms personalised for inves

    Pre-requisites for successful a/c opening: 

*NTB = new to bank who do not have sav/sal account relationship. 
*Demat & Trading a/c will be activated only post completing saving a/c video KYC 

3.HDFC Bank Standalone Demat A/c: 
If you wish to open only HDFC Bank Demat Account click below link to open 1in1 Demat Account.

4. HDFC Securities Trading a/c: 
If you already have HDFC Bank standalone Demat a/c click here to open & link HDFC securities trading a/c 

5. Open Demat Account Offline 
You can also visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch with the required documents to open a Demat A/c offline in single or joint pattern 

Demat Account glossary 

Become a better investor and understand the various terms associated with a Demat Account: 

  • SEBI 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the regulatory body for the securities market in the country.  

  • Depository 

A depository is an entity that holds an investor’s securities like shares, bonds, debentures, government securities, Mutual Fund units, etc., in electronic format through a registered Depository Participant (DP). Presently, two depositories are registered with SEBI, the Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) and the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). 

  • Depository Participants (DP) 

A DP is depository agent that connects the investors with the depositories. The following entities can register as DP, provided they comply by the regulations prescribed by the SEBI: 

  • Public financial institutions 

  • Scheduled commercial banks 

  • Foreign banks operating in India with Reserve Bank of India (RBI)-approval 

  • State financial corporations 

  • Stock-brokers 

  • Custodians 

  • Clearing corporations 

  • Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) 

  • Share transfer agents 

  • Settlement 

Settlement refers to the process where the buyer receives the securities, and the seller receives the payment for the sale of those securities.  

  • Portfolio holding 

Portfolio holding is the process wherein you keep your investments such as equities, ETFs, Mutual Fund units, etc., in your Demat Account.  

  • Demat Account Number  

Demat Account Number is a 16-digit account number you receive when you open a Demat Account. This number is also known as Beneficial Owner Identification number (BO ID). 

  • ISIN 

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a unique 12-digit alphanumeric identification number allotted to an equity. Different types of equities, even if they are issued by the same issuer, will have different ISIN. 

Eligibility & Documents

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