All You Need To Know

What's the product all about?

  • Unique 4 in 1 Investment A/c
  • Fast & Seamless trading with transparency of transactions.
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Powerful Tools
  • Trusted Research

What all can I do?

  • Instantly trade & monitor the real-time price movement of your favorite stocks through a single window
  • Create & manage multiple portfolios of all Asset classes.
  • Accumulate Stocks/ETFs of your choice systematically, through DIYSIP in equities.
  • Avail innovative tools that help you in your investment decision making process.


This 4:1 Investment Account is linked to your HDFC Bank Demat and Savings/Current/Loan account, allows you to seamlessly trade/invest in Equity, Derivatives, Bonds, IPO/FPOs, Gold ETFs, NCDs etc through multiple channels like Internet, Mobile, Branch, Telebroking etc.

When you buy, you don’t have to give a cheque, when you sell you don’t have to give a delivery instruction.

What’s more, is we also accept off-market orders, so incase you are an NRI in a different time zone or find it difficult to trade during the market open time, you can just leave your order with us anytime of the day and we will execute the order into the market as soon as it opens

  • Seamless Transactions:With an integrated 4:1 account there is seamless movement of funds and shares, thereby giving a client ability to take prompt action
  • Multiple trading platforms: Transact with utmost convinience using a choice of platforms - Internet, Mobile, LITS (Low bandwidth site), Branches or Call N trade in regional languages.
  • Powerful Tools: Based on Web 2.0 and Ajax based technology, the portal offers the ability to Personalise, Manage, Customise and Share. Ingenious tools like Advanced Portfolio Tracker, Watchlists, Stock Alerts, Calculators, Stock Screeners, Interactive charting, Technical Analysis etc and much more are a popular draw with our discerning clients.
  • Trusted Research: Insightful research assistance & technical views facilitates one’s ability to take an informed trading decision. Independent Retail Research team provides a host of reports that a client could avail of in his/her course of transactions.
  • Safety and Security: HDFC securities offer the highest level of security with a 128-bit encryption technology.

Trading Account

With your 4:1 Investment Account, you can trade seamlessly through:

Online Trading Portal:

Simplified trading is just a few clicks away. To trade online,

  • Log on to
  • Place order by entering the stock, quantity & price.
  • Track your order status through the Order book

Once you have completed these simple steps, you can sit back and watch your shares and money being credited and debited online. You can also apply to the latest public offerings IPO’s & NCD’s without moving an inch using online or phone quickly and seamlessly.

Trade on Mobile:

  • Buy/Sell & track your shares using the Mobile Trading Application.
  • Access market information, latest quotes & Mutual fund NAV
  • Company information – Financials & Key ratios
  • Stock charts and Market map

LITS (Low Bandwidth site):

Even with a slower net connection, you could trade unhindered. Access the trading site conveniently from anywhere anytime through This could also be accessed using GPRS and WAP connection on the move.

Call’N Trade:

This facility gives you the convenience to trade in shares over the telephone if you’re unable to access the Internet.

Product & Service offerings:

  • Trade/Invest in multiple products
  • Equity & Derivatives
  • Online IPO/ FPOs & NCDs
  • Exchange trade Funds (ETFs)

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Did you know

  • You can register for DIY - SIP that helps you invest in Stocks/ETFs of your choice at regular intervals.
    • DIY SIP lets you make systematic, small and smart online investments in Stocks and ETFs of your choice that can lead to long term wealth creation.
    • You can set up an online DIY - SIP for your favorite Stocks/ETFs.
  • You can apply for IPOsusing the ASBA facility wherein the amount is debited only when the securities are allotted to you.
    • Using the ASBA facility, you don’t need to fill lengthy forms or provide supporting documents while applying for IPOs.
    • The amount will be debited only when you are allotted the securities. Till then you will continue to earn interest on your application money.
    • This facility saves you from any refund hassles.
  • You can exchange traded funds through terminals across the country without filling any separate forms.
    • You can buy and sell traded funds like any other stock on the exchange through terminals across the country.
    • You don’t need to fill any separate form.
    • Each unit of Gold ETF is approximately equal to the price of 1 gram of Gold.
  • You can trade online in various products with just a few clicks.
  • You can start trading using HDFC’s Smart Trade on Mobile App by visiting from your mobile browser.
    • You can get access to market information and trade from anywhere, anytime.
    • You can access our website from any GPRS enabled mobile handset.
  • You can be ahead in the trading race even with a slower Internet connection by using our Low Bandwidth Site.
  • You can access our customizable trading platform, BLINK, to monitor price movements of your chosen scrips by creating a multiple market watch.
    • You can buy and sell securities fast to get optimum benefits of real-time price movements.
    • You can also get technical stock recommendations from HDFC's expert research team.
  • You can also place orders over the phone using our TeleBroking service, in case you are unable to access the Internet.

What can you do online?

  • Invest in DIY SIP
    To start using the DIY SIP (Do it Yourself SIP) facility you need select the Stocks, quantity, trigger date and tenure that you wish to add in your monthly Stock SIP. To start using DIY SIP, you need to authenticate your account with your Username and Password for Net Trading. On the successful debit of a one-time administrative charge of Rs. 249, your DIY - SIP will be activated.
  • Invest in Gold ETF
    Investing in Gold ETFs is investing in Gold in a dematerialized form. To invest in Gold ETFs, log on to your Trading Account and choose the Gold ETF you wish to purchase. E.g.: HDFC Gold. Then enter the number of units and place your order.
  • Invest in Gold ETF
    Investing in Gold ETFs is investing in Gold in a dematerialized form. To invest in Gold ETFs, log on to your Trading Account and choose the Gold ETF you wish to purchase. E.g.: HDFC Gold. Then enter the number of units and place your order.
    Each Gold ETF unit is approximately equal to the price of 1 gram of Gold.
  • Apply for IPO, NCD and Infra Bonds
    To apply online for ongoing IPOs, NCDs and Infrastructure Bonds in a few clicks log on to your Trading Account using your Username and Password for Net Trading and select the securities that you wish to apply for.
  • Customize your Trading platform with BLINK.
    You can subscribe for the BLINK facility by authenticating your Trading Account using your Username and Password. You then need to select the tenure and applicable charges to subscribe for BLINK.
  • Register and activate the Mobile Trading facility App 
    You can register online and activate the facility to Trade on your Mobile.

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