Easy funds transfer and attractive interest rates

  • Transfer funds freely* between India and other countries

  • Earn higher interest rates on your account

  • Pay ZERO tax on the interest earned on your NRE Savings Account in India

​​​​​​​*Subject to levy of applicable service charges and service tax.

Ease of accessibility

HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account comes with an International Debit Card, letting you withdraw cash easily and shop worldwide whenever you want.

You can also appoint a resident Indian as the mandate holder of your NRE Savings Account. The chosen individual can operate your account on your behalf.

Steps to add a mandate holder for an NRI account

To add a mandate holder to your NRE Savings Account, you will need to submit the following:

  • Letter of Mandate form duly signed by all the account holders. Click here to download the form.

  • Mandate holder's photograph

  • Valid photo ID proof

  • Address proof

The above documents should be self-attested by the mandate holder and must be submitted at a HDFC Bank branch in India. The presence of the account holder and mandate holder at the branch while submitting the request is mandatory.

Simple ways to manage your account

HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account includes several features that let you manage your account and funds easily. You can

  • Transfer funds freely to any place outside of India

  • Conduct transactions 24x7 online through HDFC Bank NetBanking

  • Pay utility bills - electricity, phone, mobile phone – pay on time always, with a simple registration

Other benefits

  • Get a personalised chequebook

  • Get income tax exemptions on interest earned

  • NRE Savings Account is free from wealth tax or gift tax liability

  • Free Email Statement facility

  • Avail of Safe Deposit Lockers at certain branches

  • Invest in Mutual Funds by linking your NRE Savings Account to our Investment Savings Account

Advantages of having an NRE Savings Account in HDFC Bank

  • Convenient fund management: For non-residents, easy accessibility of funds in their NRE account is of utmost importance. HDFC Bank's NetBanking and PhoneBanking platforms help you manage your money easily and conveniently while living abroad.

  • Wide network: With a network of 6,500 branches and nearly 19,000 ATMs in India, and a presence in several countries overseas, HDFC Bank is easily accessible to you, wherever you are. All of this ensures easy deposits and withdrawals from HDFC Bank NRE Account.

  • Easy assistance: Need assistance with your NRE Account while you are based overseas? HDFC Bank provides dedicated PhoneBanking numbers for its NRI customers based in various countries. This way you can connect with Customer Care representatives for whatever you need and always enjoy a hassle-free banking experience.

Transfer of funds

To transfer money to your NRE account, you can:

  • Transfer funds from abroad in a freely convertible foreign currency

  • Present foreign currency notes/traveller's cheques brought in by you when visiting India. These can be transferred into the HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account.

  • Directly remit the amount to your HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account from your overseas bank account

  • Transfer funds from an existing NRE /FCNR Account held in other banks in India