Send Money from Africa to India

Easily transfer money online to India from Africa

Send Money From Africa To India


You can now send money to India by just walking in to one of our partner exchange houses. With transfers done through direct credit to beneficiary account or issuance of Demand Drafts, you can remit your funds quickly with complete peace of mind.

Telegraphic / Wire Transfer

Avail of telegraphic / wire transfer facility to transfer funds from your local bank to the beneficiary's HDFC Bank account in India through our Correspondent Banks around the world.

Important Note : Remittances received after 28th Dec 2015 for Turkish Lira (TRY) and EURO (EUR) by and from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) would not be processed, as our arrangement with RBS has ended on 31st Dec 2015

Funds Transfer through Cheques / Demand Drafts / Traveller’s Cheques

Take the most reliable and time-tested mode of funds transfer by sending cheques / Demand Drafts to your branch in India along with a letter of instruction stating the beneficiary account number.