It’s a first of its kind platform which directly connects beneficiary from lenders. The main purpose of Jansamarth portal is to encourage inclusive growth and development of various sectors by guiding and providing them to right type of government benefits through simple and easy digital processes. The portal ensure end to end coverage of all the linked schemes

The portal majorly covers all type of loan category and incorporated all major central government sponsored schemes.


Education Loan       
  • For pursuing studies in and outside India
  • Eligible courses ranging from graduation to PhD
  • Focus on Students from economically weaker section of society

    3 scheme(s) Available

Business Activity Loan
  • Loans for setting and expanding up businesses
  • Scheme wise benefits based on gender, social category and type of business

    6 Scheme(s) Available

Livelihood Loan       
  • Loan for individuals and self help groups(SHGs)
  • Promotes livelihood opportunities for both the rural and urban poor

    1 Scheme(s) Available

Agri Loan                        
  • Mobilizations of finance for post-harvest management and agricultural consulting
  • Loans for development of agricultural infrastructures, clinics, and business centers
    3 Scheme(s) Available