Things you can do

You can use your HDFC Bank DEMAT Account to:

  • Securely store shares, mutual funds, equities and NCDs (Non-Convertible Debentures) you invest in
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to physical securities
  • Enable simple and secure transaction processing
  • Track the performance of investments 
  • Invest in SGB through netbanking. Read more
  • Avail digital LAS/ LAMF instantly through netbanking. Read more
  • Invest seamlessly through 3-in-1 account

Wish to do more than just hold your investments?

Get the HDFC Securities Trading Account link and link it to your Demat account to

  •  'Buy & Sell' Equities
  •  Invest in IPOs (Initial Public Offer), Bonds, Mutual Fund schemes and much more when it is linked to your HDFC Bank Demat Account.

Explore investment options:

  • Sovereign Gold Bond
  • Invest in mutual funds/SIPs
  • Global investing
  • Diversify with Digi Gold

Account Services

Account Services offered under Depository Services are:

  • Power of Attorney (POA) updation in demat account
  • Nomination updation (Maximum of three with proportion of share)
  • Statements including copy of Transactions, Holding Cum Valuation as on a date & Billing
  • Client Master List(CML) for NSDL & Crystal Report for CDSL account holders
  • DP on Net facility for easy and online access to view demat details
  • Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) for settlement /Off market transfer of shares physically
  • Dematerialization of shares, bond and mutual funds.
  • Electronic transfer of shares using Speede (NSDL) and by Easiest (CDSL)
  • Transmission of Shares in case of death of any demat account holder
  • Conversion of physical Mutual Funds into demat mode
  • Re-materialisation of Securities
  • Pledging of Securities
  • Freezing / De-freezing of demat account
  • Credit of Dividends, Interest & refunds through Electronic Clearing System (ECS)
  • Allotment of Bonus and Rights issued to investors by RTA
  • Open Offers,and Buybacks or any action on Merger, Demerger and Amalgamation of Companies.
  • Modifications in demat like Change in name, address, contact details, signature, bank details for charges and Dividend
  • Insta- alert, sms and email statement facility
  • Conversion of demat account status on change of residential status of customer
  • Application is ASBA, IPO and SGB using demat

For any forms required Click Here to download and submit at nearest Demat Servicing branch.

Closure process for joint Demat account & Non-Individual demat account: (Physical Process Only)

DetailsDocuments required

1) If Nil Holding & zero outstanding amount:   

Duly filled closure request form to be submitted to nearest HDFC Bank Demat Desk. 

Duly filled closure form only 

2) Transfer Cum Waiver (TCW):  

A) TCW:  Fill up the TCW form + Documents & submit it to the nearest HDFC Bank branch with the Demat desk 

Duly filled TCW closure form +
Client Master List of the target Demat a/c duly attested by said DP Official or digitally signed if Non HDFC Bank Demat 

B) Non-TCW: You can sell the holdings, make the Demat account holding NIL clear outstanding charges if any & request for closure as per point no 1  

Duly filled closure request form + BR/resolution towards closure of Demat account 

Digital Services

Fees & Charges

Important Notices