5 Ways to go Cashless

Even If you’re facing a cash crunch, you needn’t worry about paying your bills or shopping for essentials or spending while you travel. You can now go cashless in several easy ways – save time, say goodbye to stress!

One: Mobile Banking

Use your smartphone to access your bank account anytime, anywhere. You can use your bank’s app can to check account balance, pay bills, transfer funds and make credit card payments on the go. Mobile apps do not store account information on your device, making them safe and secure to use.

Two: Credit and debit cards

In just one swipe, your credit or debit card can take you shopping for books or jewellery, online or offline. With built-in safety features like embedded chips and authentication PINs, cards are extremely safe. Link your credit card to HDFC Bank’s SmartPay solution to automatically pay your utility bills every month.

Three: Mobile wallet

A mobile wallet is an app on your phone that you can use to pay retailers, ecommerce sites and service providers. Most mobile wallets, such as HDFC Bank’s PayZapp, can be used for several purposes, such as booking movie tickets and hotels, recharging your mobile, or sending money to friends, family and business associates.

Four: Online payment services

Online payment services are a one-stop solution for various types of payments. For example, you can use HDFC Bank’s SmartHub to pay your taxes, college fees, credit card bills or donate to religious and social institutions.

Five: Online Banking

Cheques and DDs are not the only way to pay through your bank account. Online banking offers several options to send money to family, business partners or service providers, such as NEFT, RTGS and IMPS (for instant transfers).

Why worry about cash, when you can carry your bank with you!