Key Features


  • Single point reconciliation mechanism

  • Ability to receive payments from multiple buyers through single digital platform

  • Technical capability to integrate with your core financial system


  • Card based solution with secured digital platform environment

  • Username-Password based login to check receipts of payments

MIS & Reporting

  • Visibility through MIS for all payments received

  • Auditable trail of all transactions

    • Archival of transaction history as per the regulatory norms

Benefit to Corporate – Digital Platform

Facilitates convenient, easy, and hassle-free payment process

  • Cost effective – Reduces the cost of manpower required for payment processing & Reconciliation

  • Improves Cash flows by timely receipt of short-term receivables

    • Automate and digitize the entire pay-in process, thereby increasing operational efficiency


  • Centralized receipt of payment from various dealers & distributors for better control and compliance

    • Digital recording and reporting of transactions in the corporate's ERP system in case of digital platform's integration with your core financial system

Dashboard & MIS

  • Dashboard with receivables reports to help control your company's receivables

  • Visibility through MIS monitoring for tracking receivable transactions

  • Easy receivable payment reconciliation through online transaction tools & reports

Business Opportunities

  • Healthy business relationship - Timely payment received from dealers & distributors helps to build a healthy business relationship

  • Better stickiness with dealers & distributors by offering additional mode of payment

  • Opens addition business opportunities due to improved cash flow​​​​​​​

Benefits to dealers & distributors (Card holders)


  • Access to timely and comprehensive reports helps to minimize administration cost required for record storage, tracking & reconciliation

  • Customizable Credit cycle such as (30+20) days or (15+7) days

    • Incremental credit line bringing in cost efficiency

Strengthen Relationship

  • Real time receipt of payment notification to corporate's reduces the follow-ups and possible disputes

  • Assures timely and correct payment deposited to Corporate's account

Fees and charges