Credit Card Upgrade FAQs

Credit Card Upgrade FAQs

What is Credit Card Upgrade?
For select customers we offer an upgrade on their HDFC Bank Credit Cards. With an upgraded Credit Card, customers stand to get accelerated Reward Points, Lounge access, better offers & much more. Beautiful possibilities, ready for you.

How can I check & apply for Credit Card upgrade?
Only select pre-approved customers are eligible for Credit Card upgrade

What are the fees & charges for Credit Card upgrade?
No hidden charges apply for Credit Card Upgrade apart from the annual fee on your new Credit Card. This Credit Card Upgrade is First Year Free i.e., there are no charges for the first year of Upgrade!

What happens to my existing Credit Card in case of an upgrade?
You can continue to use your existing card until the new card reaches you. Your existing card will be disabled once you start using your upgraded card or within 60 days of card upgrade or on the date of existing card’s expiry, whichever comes earlier.

When & where will I receive my New Credit Card?
After receiving your request, we will dispatch your Credit Card to your registered address within 10-15 working days. You can continue to use your existing Credit Card till you receive your new Card. We will keep you informed on the shipment details.

What will happen to my exiting Reward Points in case of an upgrade?
When you upgrade your Credit Card you would always earn Extra Reward Points & the total value of your existing Reward Points will be the same. Transfer of points will be as per conversion ratio in Unified Conversion Portal

What will happen to my existing EMIs/Loans or Bill Payments linked to my Card?
Don’t worry. Any existing EMI/Bill Payment or Loan will be transferred automatically to your new Credit Card.

Will online, international, and contactless usage feature be enabled on my Upgraded card?
In line with RBI circular dated 15th January 2020, all upgraded Credit Cards are to be disabled for online, international, and contactless usage, as a security enhancement measure. To enable or disable transactions, click to chat on Whatsapp : or Ask EVA by simply clicking on link: