Rent Payment using Credit Card - FAQs

Rent Payment using Credit Card - FAQs

1. How to I use my HDFC Bank Credit Card to make Rent Payment?

There are a number of merchants today which offer the service of making rent payment using credit card including but not limited to Free Charge, Housing, MagicBricks, NestAway, NoBrokers, PayMatrix, PayTM, PhonePe, etc.

2. What are the benefits of paying Rent using HDFC Bank Credit Card?

  • Interest-free Period: You enjoy up to 45 days interest-free credit period.
  • Create Credit History: Opportunity to create credit history to avail low-interest loans in the future
  • Rent Receipts: Merchants provide facility to download rent receipts. The same can be submitted to claim HRA exemption on your income tax filing.

3. What are the fees/charges for using HDFC Bank Credit Card for paying Rent?

HDFC Bank will apply a fee of 1% on the total transaction amount beginning with the second rental transaction of the calendar month. Also, different merchants levy a fee which can be referred on the payment page of the particular merchant.

4. What are the steps involved in paying rent using HDFC Bank Credit Card?

Paying rent using HDFC Bank Credit Card is very simple. Visit website/download mobile application of any merchant which provides this service. All you need is to enter basic details such as landlord’s details including account details, rent amount and your credit card details.

5. When will my landlord receive the amount if I make the rent payment today?

Although the debit to the credit card account would happen instantaneously, the funds would reflect in the landlord’s account depending on settlement time of the particular merchant. This period is generally 2-3 working days for most merchants.

6. My landlord is not registered with any of the rent merchants. Can I still pay rent using my HDFC Bank Credit Card?

The landlord does not need to be registered with any of the rent merchants. All you would need are landlord details including bank account details.