Key Features


  • Single point disburse mechanism

  • No card acceptance infrastructure required at the beneficiary’s end

  • Bulk payments to multiple vendors through file upload facility


  • Card based solution with secured digital platform environment

  • Multi- level approval for each transaction (Maker – Checker)

MIS & Reporting

  • Visibility through MIS monitoring with end to end transaction tracking

  • Auditable trail of all transactions with user details

  • Archival of transaction history as per the regulatory norms

Payable opportunities

  • Make Payments to Vendors, utility service providers & GST payments​​​​​​​

Benefit to Corporate – Digital Platform

Facilitates convenient, easy, and hassle-free payment process

  • Cost effective – Reduces the cost of manpower required for payment processing & Reconciliation

    • Automate and digitize the entire pay-out process, thereby increasing operational efficiency

  • Digital Platform provides one view of all payments, leading to reduced cost, time, manpower and zero errors coupled with tighter control and compliance

Financial Policy

  • Configuration of your financial policy requirement on the digital platform

  • Creates Maker-Checker approval process thus reducing the risk of incorrect payment


  • Centralized payment though maker checker process used to approve payout for better control and compliance

    • Digital recording and reporting of transactions in the corporate’s ERP system in case of digital platform’s integration

Dashboard & MIS

  • Dashboard with payment reports to help control your company’s payables

    • Visibility through MIS monitoring with end to end transaction tracking

  • Power of negotiation- Controlled monitoring and availability of reports for all vendors helps you to negotiate better pricing with them

Utility Bill Payments

  • Ease of utility bill payments – No need to toggle between different websites for different billers. Make payment through one single platform

  • Avoid penalties – Timely payments will ensure no Late Payment Charges are levied on utility bills

Credit Cycle & Vendor relationship

  • Healthy business relationship – Timely payment to vendors keeps them happy and you build a healthy business relationship

    • Customizable Credit cycle such as (30+20) days or (15+7) days

Benefits to Vendor

  • Real time notification to vendors reduces the follow-ups and possible disputes with corporate

  • Assures timely and correct payment deposited in their account

  • Early payment helps vendorsCredit Cycle and Vendor Relationship point with cash flow leading to increase in their business opportunities

Benefits of Card

  • A part of working capital can be availed on card for usage on digital platform to make payments to suppliers, utility service providers, GST payments and long tail vendors

  • Credit limit is issued on the card

  • End use monitoring of transactions initiated through card for audit trail

  • Customizable billing cycle to optimize credit days

  • Real time transaction alert sent to registered email ID & mobile number for each transaction initiated through card

  • Corporate Assist team supports the corporate for/to:

    • Card Activation

    • Change demographic details

    • Card Hotlist/Reissue/Replacement requests

    • Transaction decline queries

  • Access to Commercial Portal for/to:

    • Activation of Card Accounts

    • Credit Limit Management

    • Updation of Contact Details

    • Generation of PIN

    • Deactivation / Card Closure

    • Relationship Level Card Details

    • View or Download Statements

    • Card Hot listing and Reissuance

    • Realtime Transaction Monitoring

  • Insurance Cover; Card liability up to INR 10 Lacs

Fees and charges