5% Cashback

*Up to Rs. 1500 per statement cycle on minimum monthly spends of Rs 1,00,000/-

Reward points

4 reward points for every INR 150 spent

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

1% Fuel surcharge waiver Upto INR 500

FCY Mark up

2.5% on all your foreign currency spends

Revolve facility

Pay minimum 30% on the Billed amount

Additional Savings

Upto 50 Days of credit period on the Purchase premium Card

Streamline the purchase process

Convenient paperless process leading to better manpower productivity

Better Control on expenses

  • Restrictions can be placed on cards as per transaction and vendor/ merchant category for better control

  • Better control on expenses basis spends data reports on expense patterns

Process Efficiency

  • All direct expenses of the company can be centrally taken on purchase Premium card

  • Reduces transaction processing time and overall cost of high volume / low value transactions

  • Relief from multiple invoice managements, cheque handling and payment system

Fees and charges