You will get some exclusive features and benefits with your HDFC Bank EasyShop Womans Advantage Debit Card

  • Effective 15th May'17 you will get 1 CashBack point on every Rs. 200 spent on Telecom, Utilities, Groceries & Supermarket, Restaurant & Apparels, Entertainment.
  • Maximum cap of Rs. 750 per card per month
  • CashBack Points need to be redeemed through NetBanking in multiples of 100
  • No cashback points for all other categories apart from the ones above.
  • Customers will receive cash back points on eligible MCC (Merchant Category Code) only. Click Here to Know More.
  • CashBack points earned will be valid for redemption within the next 12 months after which your Cashback points will lapse. 

  • No maximum capping on redemption subject to availability.

  • A minimum of 100 points needs to be accumulated for redemption.

    How to Redeem?

    1. Through NetBanking
    Login >> Pay >> Cards >> Debit Cards >> Debit Cards Summary >> Actions >> Redeem Reward Points

  • You will be entitled to a 50% discount on locker fees for the 1st year. This waiver would be applicable for only one locker per card. In order to avail of the discount, please show your Woman's Advantage Debit Card at the branch.
  • Insurance cover: 
    You will be entitled to the following insurance covers:
    • Death Cover by Air / Road / Rail - Sum Insured Rs. 5 lac.
    • Effective 1st July 2014, all Debit Card holders are required to use their Debit Card at retail OR on-line stores at least once every 30 days to keep the free Personal Death Insurance cover on their Debit Card active.
    • Now get additional International Air Coverage of flat Rs.25 lakh on purchase of air ticket using your Debit Card. Click here to Know More.
  • Fire & Burglary Protection of Rs. 200,000

    • You are insured for the items purchased using Debit Card (upto 90 days) - Sum assured Rs. 200,000. Click here for more details.

  • Checked Baggage Insurance Sum of Rs. 2 lakh
    • Applies if the insured is travelling on tour and / or on holidays to location Outside India, to the intrinsic value of the accompanied personal baggage belonging to the card holder, so lost because of fire, theft, burglary and accident of travelling vehicle. Click here for more details.
  • Zero Liability*: You will not have any liability to any fraudulent Point of Sale transactions on the debit card, which take place upto 90 days prior to reporting the card loss. Click here for more details.

  • Fuel Surcharge:
    Effective 1st January 2018, Fuel Surcharge would not be applicable for the transactions done on HDFC Bank swipe machines.

  • Higher Debit Card Limits
    Please login to NetBanking to change (Increase or decrease) the limit* on your Debit Card to suit your needs. Please note the limits can be increased up to the Permissible limits on your Debit Card.
    • Daily Domestic ATM withdrawal limits: Rs. 25,000
    • Daily Domestic Shopping limits: Rs. 2.75 lacs
    • Cash withdrawal facility can now be availed across merchant establishments with a maximum upper limit of Rs.2,000/ day on your HDFC Bank Debit Cards, maximum Cash at POS limit per month is of Rs. 10,000/-
    • Dynamic Limits:

      *For Security reasons, daily Debit Card ATM cash withdrawal limit is capped at INR 2 Lakhs and monthly Debit Card ATM cash withdrawal limit is capped at INR 10 Lakhs across all Card variants from immediate effect.
  • Online Shopping : Pay Bills or Shop online using your HDFC Bank Debit Card by using Verified by Visa/ MasterCard Secure Code service.
  • Click here for exciting offers available on your HDFC Bank Debit Card.

  • AutoPay on your HDFC Bank Debit Card
    • Daily Domestic Shopping limits: Rs. 2.75 lacs
    • Register for automatic bill payments on BillPay using HDFC Bank Debit Card & receive 5%
    • CashBack for first 12 months of registration. 
    • Max CashBack upto Rs 1800* for a year. 
    • An exclusive voucher up to Rs 500* on Amazon Pay & more
    • Through NetBanking
      Pay >> Add Biller >> Choose Biller Category >> Fill Biller Details >> Select Enable Smartpay Option >> Select Debit Card Option
      For detailed offers & T&C's please visit https://offers.smartbuy.hdfcbank.com/offer_details/7603
  • Debit Card- EMI
    • Enjoy No cost EMI on leading brands on electronics, furniture, apparels, smart phones and much more
    • Convert any purchases above Rs 5000/- into EMI
    • To check pre - approved eligible amount on your Debit Card
    • SMS "MYHDFC" to 5676712 from your Bank Registered mobile number For detailed offers & T&C's please visit: hdfcbank.com/easyemi
  • PayZapp & SmaryBuy
  • All promotional CashBack points earned on your Debit Card will have a validity of 3 months, post which the accumulated points will expire effective February, 2020.
  • Customer is not eligible for redemption of cashback points on account closure

  • Contactless Payment Technology 

    The HDFC Bank Debit Card is enabled for contactless payments, facilitating fast, convenient and secure payments at retail outlets.
    *To see if your Card is contactless, look for the contactless network symbol on your Card. You can use your Card to make quick transactions at merchant locations accepting contactless Cards.

    Information on Contactless Debit Card - Click Here

    Please note that in India, payment through contactless mode is allowed for a maximum of ₹5000 for a single transaction where you are not asked to input your Debit Card PIN. However, if the amount is higher than or equal to ₹5000, the Card holder has to enter the Debit Card PIN for security reasons.

    Kindly note, effective 1st June 2015, Movida service will be discontinued for HDFC Bank Debit Cards.

Please Note - In case purchase/ transaction is returned/ cancelled/ reversed, cashback points toward posted towards transactions will be reversed.

Important Note:

As per RBI guidelines, effective 1st Oct'2020 all New Debit Cards issued by the bank is mandatorily disabled for International usage (POS,Online and ATM). This is to in the interest of the security measures taken by the bank on the basis of the guideline RBI/2019-2020/142 DPSS.CO.PD No. 1343/02.14.003/2019-20 dated 15th January 2020 
Be assured, you can continue to use your card for all domestic purposes. (POS, Online, ATM)."

  • As per RBI guidelines, as of 7th February 2021 all debit card issued will be disabled for E-commerce, contactless and International usage. The card can be swiped and used at any ATMs in India
  • As per RBI guidelines, as of 7th February all existing debit cards which were not active for international usage are disabled and are only active for domestic usage.
  • As per RBI guidelines, as of 7th February all existing debit cards which are not active for Ec-ommerce and contactless usage will be disabled and will be active for only POS and ATM usage
  • NRO Debit Card will continue to be enabled only for domestic usage as per regulatory mandate.

    Contactless per day limit is of transaction Rs. 5000/- 

Cashback/Reward Points

CashBack point on every Rs. 200 spent on Telecom, Utilities, Groceries & Supermarket, Restaurant & Apparels, Entertainment

Max Cashback/Reward Points

Rs. 750 per month



Fees & charges