You can use a cheque to withdraw cash, pay for service or transfer money to another account.

You can write a cheque to yourself or a bearer for cash transactions or to a company or person, who can deposit it in their bank and receive the money in their account.

If someone issues you a cheque, you can deposit it in your HDFC Bank account, and the money will be credited after the cheque is cleared (usually 2-3 working days).

When you open a savings or current bank account with HDFC Bank, you will most likely receive a chequebook. Depending on the kind of account you have, you may even get a book with personalised cheques that will have your name printed on them.

You must sign a cheque for it to be honoured. And the sign must match the one you used while opening the account. The bank will honour your cheque only if you have the money to cover it in your account.