Card Intro

Now you don’t have to wait in queues or carry cash or carry multiple cards! Here is the new One Pune card that allows you to make quick and seamless payments at metro stations. Wait! You thought that was it. Well, there is more, it has a unique stored value functionality for contactless payments in transit. You can also use this card at your favorite stores, outlets and e-commerce sites which provide safe, secure, and seamless payment. The usage of this card will help us in environment friendly payment method too as it will avoid issuing paper QR tickets which leads to land fill. 

Card Type

NCMC Prepaid

Key Features

  • You can Tap & Go at all Metro Stations in India* 

  • Enjoy your Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, & more with instant payments 

  • You can easily Manage your card using one portal it lets you load money, check balance and set limits in your card 

  • It is safe and secure with PIN and CHIP 

  • You can quickly get the card at any Pune metro station

Card Benefits

  • Avoid long queues at metro and travel hassle free - just tap and board, offline wallet functionality lets you store money and pay quickly.

  • Apart from main card balance get the convenience of NCMC chip balance with stored value functionality for contactless payments. 

  • Pay for Shopping, Movie Tickets, Grocery, Utility Bills & more: In-store or online 

  • Accepted everywhere - online, in-store! 

  • Multiple Ways to Load and Manage Card: Online & offline at physical counters, digital kiosks and TVM machines. 

  • Keep control of your card: Set limits, enable-disable online/contactless transactions, track transaction and more  


Fees and charges