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Cash to Master

A unique service for foreign ships docking at Indian ports. Convenience of picking up cash from a branch near the port

Especially for, foreign ships travelling through India and dock their vessels at various ports / harbors in the country. One of the major requirements during such temporary stays, is that of FCY Cash that has to be made available to the Captain of the Ship for covering Crew wages or for other expenses on board the ship. These requirements are usually met through a facility called "Cash to Master".

To collect this cash, the master of the ship has to approach the branch with his passport and a duly filled up application form.


  • Convenience: Captain of the ship can go to the nearest Branch to collect the cash
  • Limit: There is no limit on this form of Remittance.
  • Currently service is offered in: United States Dollars(USD), Pounds Sterling(GBP) and Euro(EUR)

Please contact your nearest HDFC Bank branchfor more details.

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