Steps to initiate payment



Which customers are expected to use this service / payment journey? 

Resident Individual customers wanting to process educational remittances to overseas universities/institutions are expected to use this service/payment journey. 

Is this facility available for both HDFC Bank & Non-Bank customers? 

No, this facility is available only for HDFC Bank Customers holding a Resident Individual Savings Account. 

How do I initiate the payment journey? 

  • You will receive a payment link from the University on your registered Email ID. 

  • Once you click the link, you will land onto Flywire’s page, where you can select the payment method as HDFC Bank, enter personal details, FCY amount & student ID  

  • Upon clicking ‘Make a payment’ tab, you will be redirected to HDFC Bank’s payment portal to submit the fee payment request from your individual resident savings account (OR) 
    You can visit Flywire’s webpage ( and click on “Make a Payment” tab & continue with the payment process as above. 

What is the authentication process deployed by HDFC Bank’s online portal for securely completing the payment? 

  • 1st Authentication (at start of the journey) – Registered mobile no., date of birth & OTP received on registered mobile no. 

  • 2nd Authentication (before submitting payment request) – Net Banking password 

What are the time-lines for processing foreign currency outward remittance under this facility? 

  • Requests submitted before 2.00 PM - Processed same day 

  • Requests submitted after 2.00 PM - Processed next working day 
    *(Saturdays, Sundays and Maharashtra Bank Holidays are non-working days for foreign exchange transactions) 

Can transaction request be submitted 24X7? 
Yes, you may submit the transaction request 24x7 however, txns will be processed as per the cut-off timing as mentioned above. 

Is there any maximum and minimum limit on transaction? 

  • Minimum Amount Per Transaction - USD 100 or equivalent 

  • Maximum Amount Per Transaction - USD 25,000 or equivalent 

  • Maximum No. of Transactions per day - No limit 

Which are the currencies for which the remittance facility is available? 
Currently, the facility is live for 4 currencies only – USD, GBP, CAD & AUD. Other currencies will be added soon. 

Under which purpose will Flywire’s transactions be reported to RBI? 
All transactions will be reported under Education purpose. 

What are the commission / fees / charges for processing remittance request submitted through RemitNow? 
NIL, there are no commission/fees/charges in this arrangement. 

Will I be charged with correspondent bank charges? 

  • USD currency – Transactions are processed by default under ‘FULL VALUE’ option hence, no correspondent bank charges applied  

  • Other currencies (GBP, AUD, CAD) – Correspondent Bank charges will be borne by the beneficiary and will be debited from the remittance amount sent. Remittances in all other currencies will be enabled soon. 

Do I have to upload any documents in the payment journey? 
If the source of funds selected is educational loan - loan agreement/ sanctioned/ disbursement letter and/or bank statement must be mandatorily uploaded. 

Under what circumstances, the outward remittance request may get rejected? 

  • Email ID, mobile number not registered with the bank 

  • PAN details not updated in Bank’s record 

  • Transaction amount below USD 100 eq. or above USD 25,000 eq. 

  • If the customer is an Expat, NR or Current account holder 

  • Account not having sufficient funds 

Will I receive swift copy for the respective transactions? 
In this arrangement, a single consolidated swift copy (currency-wise) will be sent at the end of each day for crediting Flywire's Overseas account for onward payment to concerned educational institution/universities.  
For e.g., if 10 transactions (payable in USD) are received for USD 10,000 each, a consolidated swift will be sent for USD 1,00,000 at the end of the day for crediting Flywire’s overseas account and they will further pay to the concerned educational institution. Since consolidated swift are sent, individual swift copy will not be sent to the customers for their respective transactions. 

Will I receive a debit advice after initiating payment? 
Yes. Post account debit, you will receive a debit advice (including transaction reference no., FCY amount, INR amount, txn date & FX rate) for the respective transaction.