You will get some exclusive features and benefits with your HDFC Bank PettyCash Card

  • Card that can be used at all ATMs in India, the HDFC MoneyPlus PettyCash Card offers 24/7 access to NetBanking and PhoneBanking.
  • Take advantage of easy administration and tracking.
  • Track the transactions by using Prepaid card Netbanking portal.
  • It is an open loop prepaid card with a validity of 5 years.
  • The maximum card balance can be up to Rs. 2 lac. (Provided Card Holder KYC is in place)
  • Cards can be used at all Point-of-Sale terminals (POS), online and at ATMs
  • Cash withdrawal at POS ( Point of Sale) in India with maximum withdrawal limit of Rs 5000 per day & Rs. 10000 per month. Per transaction limit is Rs. 2000

Who is this card designed for?

  • It is specifically designed for corporates to manage their petty cash expenses

Already have a MoneyPlus PettyCash Card?

Did you know?

  • You can withdraw cash at any ATM in India.
  • A MoneyPlus PettyCash Card can only be used in India.
  • You can swipe your Card at any Merchant outlets in India.
  • You can check the balance on your card at any ATM or Prepaid card Netbanking Portal.

How do I get the HDFC Bank MoneyPlus PettyCash Card and how to Reload the card?

  • Visit our Prepaid SmartCard Solutions Portal at below Link
  • Update your contact details under Apply Now section and our representative will connect with you
  • You can place the loading / reloading reqeust through ENET (Our representative will explain you in details about ENET)