How You Can Personalise Your Bank Account Number

People like adding a personalised touch to their possessions—whether it is a pen or a diary engraved with your name or a coffee cup or T-shirt with your photograph. It attaches a sentimental value to your possessions. But the fascination with customisation doesn't stop there, today you can even pick your car number plate. Not only does this make it easier to remember your number, but it also gives you a feeling of grandeur. 

Now, if someone asked for your bank account number, the chances are that you would not know it at the tip of your tongue. After all, remembering a long string of random digits is not easy, and especially if you do not have to enter it or write it down often. But what if you could customise your bank account number too? Would you want your bank account number to reflect something cool? Well HDFC Bank is making this possible!

Start picking out those numbers – My Account My Choice

With HDFC Bank, you can personalise the last 11 digits of your 14-digit account number. The first three digits will be auto prefixed by the system - 591 for Savings Account. But you can pick the remaining 11 digits and your account number will reflect as - 591 XXXXXXXXXXX. The number you pick can be anything you want— a significant date like your birth date, wedding anniversary, graduation date, mobile number, date of incorporation of firm / company, auspicious number or even your favourite/ lucky numbers. HDFC Bank now offers you the flexibility and freedom to make banking a more personalised experience.

Note: The first three digits of the account number cannot be personalised and will be auto prefixed by the system

Here are a few terms and conditions:

Who is eligible to get personalised HDFC Bank account numbers?

  • This feature is available to all resident and non-resident customers opening a new Savings Account of the following variants — Specialé Gold, Specialé Platinum, SavingsMax, Senior Citizen’s Account, Kids Advantage Account and Women's Advantage Account. 

  • Current Account Variants that offer this facility are Max Advantage, Ascent, Plus Current Accounts. Smartup Alpha and Smartup Max 

Existing Savings, Salary and Current Accounts cannot be converted into a My Account My Choice Account. To have a personalised account number, you need to open a new account, from our various Savings Account options here.

You can open a new Savings Account here.

For further details and clarification on the same, kindly contact your Branch Manager or Relationship Manager.

​​​​​​​Are there any other conditions?

You will be required to maintain Average Monthly Balance (AMB) and Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) as per Savings or Current Account product opted. This amount will vary depending upon your account variant. For example: for a Savings Max Account, the required AMB is INR 25,000, and the required AQB for a Plus Current Account is INR 1 lac.

The primary applicant will also have to provide their mobile number, as it is mandatory at the time of reserving the account number.

With HDFC Bank, now you can proudly say “My account, my choice” and get a personalised bank account number.

Click here to open a Savings Account.