Deposits made Simpler: Book Recurring deposit via SMS

Book Recurring deposit instantly by sending text message to 5676712

Text Format to be usedResultant Action
BOOKRDRD will be booked with Rs 1000 for 12 months by default
BOOKRD <Amount> RD will be booked for the amount mentioned with default tenure as 12 months
Example: BOOKRD 8000 to 5676712
BOOKRD <Amount> <Tenure>RD will be booked for mentioned amount & tenure
Example: BOOKRD 10000  24M to 5676712

Important Notes:

  • Recurring deposit can be booked by customers registered on SMS banking only
  • Recurring deposit will be booked from account registered in SMS banking
  • Recurring deposit will get booked on account home branch registered for SMS banking and Holding Pattern will be same as CASA account
  • There will be no nominee registered in RD booked by SMS Banking. However, it can be updated from branch
  • Recurring deposit booked using SMS banking will by default get booked with maturity instruction as maturity proceeds to be credit to CASA account
  • Recurring deposit Amount: Min 1000 (in multiples of 100 thereafter) & Max 10,000 and Tenure: Min 6 months (in multiples of 3 months thereafter) & Max 120 months
  • Transaction Limit- Max 5 successful transactions per day for RD

For more details, please click here http://bit.ly/2ZGbFqD

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