Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1.  The value date of your RD will be the date that the RD account is debited, depending on the date of processing  of your form and all the subsequent instalments will be debited on the same date every month

  2.  Please ensure that you maintain sufficient funds in your account till the account is debited by us for your first  instalment. In case of shortage of funds, your Recurring Deposit account will not be booked

  3. With effect from July 22nd, 2023, the interest rate applicable for premature withdrawal will be the rate on the date of deposit              booked, to the period for which deposit remained with the bank and not at the contracted rate.

  4.  The interest rate applicable on the RD will be the prevailing rate as on the date the RD account is opened in our  system

  5.  Your Recurring Deposit account will be opened in the same name as your debit account
  6.  Once your Recurring Deposit account is opened, you will be able to view the RD account details on HDFC    Bank’s NetBanking under ‘Recurring Deposit Summary’