Rural Shishu Shakti Account

A Zero balance account without any AMB/AQB requirement

Rural Shishu Shakti Account

All You Need To Know

Target Segment

The Rural Shishu Shakti account is targeted at all children in the age group of <18 years, in rural or semi urban locations and in particular for Agri Customers.

Exclusive Benefits

  • A Zero balance account without any AMB/AQB requirement.
  • Accidental Insurance cover of Rs. 2 lacs on unfortunate death of the cardholder in vehicular accident by road, rail or air.
  • Free personalized Rupay card to be issued only to kids/children between ages 7-18 years
  • Rupay card ATM withdrawal limit per day- Rs. 2,000.
  • Purchase at shopping establishments with POS limit - Rs. 5,000.
  • Free Personalized Cheque book for the child. First PAP chequebook will be provided free of charge. All subsequent cheque books will be charged at Rs 5 per leaf.
  • Free mobile banking.
  • Free Net banking, for the guardian to monitor his/her child account.
  • Free Passbook facility available at home branch for account holder.
  • Free standing instruction to transfer a minimum value & tenure of Rs 500/- & 1 year respectively from the parent/guardian account to the Rural Shishu Shakti account (Mandatory Feature).
  • Special sweep out facility , in the event of the balance in the Rural Shishu Shakti account reaches/exceeds Rs 35,000/-, the amount in excess of Rs 25,000/- (leaving and amount of Rs 25,000/- in the Rural Shishu Shakti account) will be automatically transferred into an Fixed Deposit for 1 year 1 day, in the child's name through sweep-out facility. The maximum amount of FD created through sweep-out will be Rs 10,000/-.(Optional Feature).