• Manage collections of fees, donations etc. through various online modes by providing HDFC Bank Collect Now which enables online and offline collection modes.

  • Bulk payments to vendors and salary payments to employees hassle-free with CBX, our superior online banking platform. With ENET, you will get the benefits of bulk cheque / Demand Draft Printing, Salary upload, Tax payments, etc. through a single upload file. You can have multiple layers of authorisation to ensure complete control.

  • Faster inter-city cheque collections and daily real-time information with Cash Management Services (CMS). With CMS you get customised MIS on your cheque collections which help you track your cheque collections efficiently with HDFC Bank Collect Now.

  • Forex services including FOREX Travellers’ Cheques, FOREX Cash and a FOREX Plus Card when you travel.

  • Other services like Trade & Forex, CMS, POS, Payment Gateway and Doorstep Banking.


  • Zero Average Monthly Balance (AMB) current account.
  • 500 free "at-par" cheque leaves per month
  • Free payment and collection through NEFT / RTGS
  • Free monthly account statement.
  • Free cash deposit up to ₹50 lakhs per month or 50 transactions (whichever is breached first) combined limit across HDFC Bank home and non-home branch.
  • Free local/ intercity cheque collection & payment within HDFC Bank Branch locations.
  • Free Pay Orders (PO) & Demand Draft (DD) payable at all HDFC Bank Locations
  • Free cash withdrawal at home branch and 1 lac for non-home branch per day

*Conditions apply