• Available in 10 widely accepted global currencies – AUD / AED / CAD/ CHF/ EUR / GBP / JPY / SGD / SEK and US Dollars

  • Get money from ATMs in the desired local currency during travel
  • Once loaded, be worry-free about forex fluctuations in these currencies


  • Be protected from skimming and misuse with the EVM chip in your card
  • Do not stress about damage, loss or misuse (as with travellers cheque/cash)
  • Block your card temporarily when not travelling or change your ATM pin through NetBanking for added security
  • Get email and SMS alerts on every transaction (SMS alerts on both local and international numbers if registered)


  • Instantly reload your card from anywhere across the world through Prepaid NetBanking

Global assistance

  • In the event of Loss of Card / card not working, get Emergency Cash delivery assistance service across the globe

  • Call our  international toll free numbers wherever you may be.


  • Protection of up to ₹ 5 lakhs against card misuse, counterfeiting and skimming
  • Personal Accident Insurance (death cover only) of ₹ 25 lakhs
  • Loss of baggage cover up to ₹ 50,000 and loss of checked baggage cover up to ₹ 20,000
  • Passport reconstruction cover of up to ₹ 20,000 (based on actual cost of reconstruction only)

Online tracking

  • Get visibility into your international spends and transactions via Prepaid Netbanking or request to change ATM pin

  • Be aware of your transactions with monthly statements

  • Receive transaction alerts on email and SMS on Indian and international phone numbers

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