How to get a Forex Card?

Smart travellers are increasingly choosing a Forex Card over hard cash and travellers cheques to pay for their expenses when they travel abroad.

A Forex Card is a prepaid card that you can load with the amount of foreign currency you need by paying in Indian rupees. Like any other credit or debit card, you can use a Forex Card to pay with a swipe. You can read more about the Forex Card here.

That’s great. So, how do I get a Forex Card?

How to apply for a Forex Card?

HDFC Bank has a simple and hassle-free application process for its range of Forex Cards. You can apply for a card online in minutes or walk into a branch and complete the process.

Here’s how to get a Forex Card in no time.

How to apply for a Forex Card online?

HDFC Bank has easy process to apply for a Forex Card online. Simply visit the forex application page on the bank’s website, and follow the steps.

If you are an HDFC Bank Savings customer, keep your customer ID ready. You can apply in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Enter what you need (type of card, amount of forex etc.) and it calculates the cost for you
Step 2: Enter travellers’ details (keep your Aadhar No, Passport, travel plans handy)
Step 3: Make payment

If you are not a Savings customer, follow the steps outlined in the Forex Card online application form and, after successful completion, you can get your card delivered at your doorstep in three days.

If you choose to personalise your card, you may have to wait for a week.

How to apply for a Forex Card at the branch?

Walk into your closest HDFC Bank branch with the required documents and you could walk out with a Forex Card immediately. Your card will be activated within 4 hours

What are the documents required for a Forex Card?

You really don’t need too many documents to get a Forex Card. You would anyway have most of them ready. Here are the Forex Card KYC documents you will need.

-    Forex Card Application Form available at the branch or online
-    A self-attested copy of your Passport 
-    A self-attested copy of your Visa (For non-customers)
-    A self-attested copy of your Ticket (For non-customers)

We recommend that you carry the original documents at the time of submission for verification.

Have a great holiday!

If you are looking to apply for a Forex Card, click here to apply now!

* Terms & conditions apply. ForexPlus Card approvals are at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.