Guide to Australian Visa for Indians

Guide to Australian Visa for Indians

23 February, 2024

Are you planning a trip to Australia? While you may be excited to explore the vibrant natural landscapes and urban wonders of Australia, you should ensure you are fully prepared for a comfortable journey. A significant part of your preparation is sorting your visa formalities. Getting started on the visa application process sooner rather than later is always a good idea as Australian visa approval famously takes quite some time. In this comprehensive guide, you can learn everything about the requirements you need to fulfil and the procedure to get an Australia visa for Indians.

What Can You Do with an Australia Tourist Visa?

An Australia visa for Indians allows you to engage in the following activities when you visit the country as a tourist:

  • Visit family and friends.

  • Explore Australia and participate in recreational/leisure activities such as sightseeing, shopping, and dining.

  • Take up short courses for up to a maximum of three months.

  • Attend workshops or conferences.

Note that the Australia visa for Indians also comes with certain prohibitions. As a tourist in Australia are not allowed to

  • Engage in any form of paid work or employment.

  • Enrol in full-time academic courses or extended studies beyond three months.

  • Set-up or manage a business.

  • Seek treatment for long-term health condition (in case that is your primary reason for travel).

Eligibility Criteria to Get Tourist Visa to Australia

The Australian visa for Indians is available as Visitor Visa (subclass 600). It involves the following eligibility requirements:

  • Genuine Intention 

    You must intend to visit Australia for genuine reasons such as tourism, leisure, visiting family and friends, and other non-work purposes. Also, you must express an intent of not extending your stay beyond the permitted travel period.

  • Valid Passport 

    You should have a valid Indian passport with at least six months of validity from the date of travel. This information is checked when you submit your passport as part of the paperwork during the application process.

  • Financial Capacity 

    You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses during your stay in Australia. The finances you need to show vary based on your chosen duration of stay, your planned activities, and the cost of living in the region you intend to visit.

  • Health and Character Checks 

    You must undergo health examinations to ensure you meet the minimum health standards to get an Australia visa. Additionally, you also need to pass the character test to ensure you pose no threat to Australia’s security.

  • No Record of Visa Violations

    You should not have any history of visa violations, overstays, or immigration-related issues in Australia or any other country. Instead, having a positive travel history, especially in countries with similar immigration standards, can enhance your application.

Documents Required to Apply for Australia Visa for Indians

You will need the following documents to apply for an Australia visa from India:

  • Visa application form.

  • A copy of your valid passport, including the page displaying your photo as well as the pages with immigration stamps.

  • A national identity card such as PAN.

  • A proof of change of name like a marriage certificate (if applicable).

  • Two passport-size photographs (35 x 45mm in size) that show 80% of your face and are taken against a white backdrop. If you don’t have one, you may also use a digital passport photo service.

  • Documents proving that you can financially support yourself during your visit, such as bank statements, employment proof, pay slips, or financial assets.

  • Documents showing ties to India, such as proof of enrolment in school/college, employment, or immediate family members.

  • Letters of invitation from your friends or family in Australia (if applicable).

  • A cover letter with the inclusion of your passport details, travel itinerary information, and sponsor family (if applicable). This letter should be addressed to the Australian consulate.

  • A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) that certifies your good character and non-engagement in criminal activities.

  • Income Tax Returns of the last three years.

  • Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the length of your stay.

 Australian Visa for Minors

If you are travelling with your child aged below 18 years, you will need their birth certificate. You may also provide alternatives documents (in case you haven’t yet received the birth certificate) like identification documents issued by the government, a family census register, or a family book with names of both parents mentioned. In case of adoption, you can present the adoption papers.

If your child is travelling alone, you must submit form 1229 signed by both parents or legal guardians with a copy of their identification proof or statutory declaration. In addition to travelling alone, if your child is not staying with a legal guardian or relative, you must provide form 1257 or ‘Understanding Declaration’. This form must be signed by the person you nominate to provide accommodation.

Application Process to Get an Australia Tourist Visa from India

You can visit the immigration and citizenship portal of Australia and submit your visa application for an Australia visa as a visitor. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Organise your health examinations so you can get through the health assessment quickly as needed. At this stage, you may also appoint a registered migration agent, a legal practitioner, or an exempt person to help you with your Australia visa application.

  2. Gather the documents mentioned earlier and ensure the information included in them is in English. If not, get these details translated before submitting the documents.

  3. Log in or create an ImmiAccount as an individual applicant or a family member acting on behalf of one or more applicants.

  4. Attach the supporting documents. If applying as a family, submit family applications together and provide accurate information.

  5. Pay the application fee to process your visa registration.

After you apply for an Australia tourist visa from India, you can await the outcome from the Australian government. Meanwhile, you can update or rectify your details (if applicable) on ImmiAccount and also let the authorities know if there are changes in your decision.

Once your application is processed, the Home Affairs department of Australia provides your visa outcome in writing. They will include details like your visa grant number, the visa validity period, and the applicable visa conditions. You can keep a copy of this decision when you visit Australia. Conversely, if your visa is refused, you will be informed about the reasons for denial.

Processing Time and Cost of Australia Visa for Indians

It typically takes anywhere from several days to a few weeks to process an Australia visa for Indians. The exact time taken depends on the Australian Embassy’s workload and the accuracy of information provided in your application. You can check the estimated processing timelines on the Australian immigration and citizenship website. As for the cost, an Australia visa for Indians under the visitor (subclass 600) category currently attracts a basic application fee of AUD 190.00. Note that this fee is subject to change with updates in regulations. You can check for the latest details on the Australian immigration and citizenship portal.

Aspects to Consider for a Smooth Arrival in Australia with Tourist Visa

If your tourist visa to Australia is approved, you can prepare for your trip without any worries. Upon departure from India, you need to go through several checkpoints at the airport. The airport ground staff and flight crew members will check your passport and visa. Once you land in Australia, you must complete the immigration process. Consider these aspects to ensure a smooth entry:

  • Have your passport copy with you.

  • Carry a printed copy of your visa.

  • Provide proof of your return flight and accommodations.

  • Submit health and character declaration certificates, as applicable.

  • Submit the Incoming Passenger Card (provided by the flight crew) before landing, or obtain it upon landing near the customs desk.

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*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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