12 Documents you need to have in place before going to study abroad

Going abroad for studies is a major milestone in every student’s life. To make this stage of your academic journey easier, you should collect the following documents and keep them handy. All universities do not ask for the same set of credentials, so you will have to check with the school you are applying to.  

Nevertheless, here’s a general set of documents you will need during the process: 

1) Application form: The application form for the university of your choice is the make-or-break factor in your admission process. Be clear, concise and accurate. Write your own motivation letter or essay. Be as honest as possible and share your academic experiences and future goals.  

2) Academic certificates: Get all your academic certificates in place. This means starting from your 10th grade to your latest qualification (i.e. 12th, bachelor’s, master’s, etc.). Be ready with the degree certificates and mark sheets.  

3) Entrance exam scores: You will need to produce a valid certificate for whatever competitive exam clearance is needed for your course. It could be GMAT, GRE, ELSAT, etc. 

4) Passport size photos: Admission departments and visa offices are finicky about the right sized photo with a specific background. Find out the requirement and prepare accordingly.  

5) Photo ID: You will need to provide a photo ID. It could be your PAN card, voter’s ID, etc. You will also need to show proof of residence.  

6) Work experience documents: If you are going for your bachelor’s or post-graduation course, most universities require you to do internships or have a few years of work experience. Get certificates that validate your experience.  

7) Recommendation letters: Request your boss or mentor to write a recommendation letter for you. A glowing letter can brighten your chances of getting into your dream school. 

8) Travel documents: You will need a valid passport, the right visa, and an international student ID card. You may also be asked to produce your college acceptance letter. 

9) Financial documents: This includes your student loan statement (as a proof of funds and statement of liabilities), scholarship letter, sponsorship proof, etc. You may also need to provide your income proof or that of your family. 

10) Statement of purpose: Your statement of purpose (SoP) is crucial. It should illustrate who you are, your beliefs, where you see your career going, why you want to study in that particular university, and what you want to do after you finish your education. It is imperative to mention the causes that are important to you, and any social work you may have done. 

11) Résumé: Intern with as many companies as possible. If you have obtained your bachelor’s degree, work with a reputable firm to build a strong résumé.

12) Health certificates: Different countries have specific requirements from international students. You would be asked for a health insurance card and vaccination certificates. Get a health check-up done so you have the latest reports.  

Once you have put everything together, recheck to see if you have missed anything. Organise everything in a folder according to your checklist. Take photocopies and get them attested.  

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