Anyone can apply for a ForexPlus Card, no need to be an HDFC Bank customer.

The following are the KYC documents that are required along with a signed copy of the application form:

CustomerList of DocumentsRequirement Type

Below 12  years

Forex Card CANNOT be issued to customers below the age of 12 yearsNA


Between 12 to

18 years old


Above 18 Yrs

  1. Duly Signed Forex Card Application Form by the Applicant and the Guardian
  2. Self-attested copy of Valid Passport 
  3. Self-attested copy of PAN card of the Applicant or Guardian (In case of the applicant being major, PAN Card of the applicant is Mandatory. Additionally, if the forex card is funded by the Guardian, the PAN card of the Guardian is Mandatory) 
  4. Additionally, Self-attested Address proof is required, if the address on passport as well as in FC is different than the address on the application form.
Additional Documents for Non HDFC Bank Customer
  1. Cancelled cheque/passbook
  2. Copy of 1-year bank statement
  3. Self-attested copy of International travel Ticket or Visa

Please carry the applicable KYC documents along with self-attested copies at the time of collecting the card from branches or keep them ready in case of home delivery.

Please note the card will be activated only after complete verification of the KYC documents.

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