What Is Airport Lounge Access Credit Card?

Airport lounge access Credit Cards are tailor-made for frequent travellers. The cards provide benefits such as complimentary access to priority pass membership for hundreds of airport lounges. You also get air miles that can later be used to avail special waivers on flight prices and many other perks. These cards fetch you offers and discounts not only on travel but also on entertainment, shopping and dining.

What are the advantages of having an airport lounge Credit Card?

Some of the key benefits that the best of the Credit Cards for airport lounge access offer are: 

1. Lock in bonus air miles 

Thanks to tie-ups with airline companies, airport lounge credit cardholders can earn bonus air miles on booking tickets using the card.

2. Frequent travellers can save money

Best airport lounge Credit Cards help frequent fliers save a lot of money. It also gives you an enhanced airport experience. These cards come with a host of discounts and savings on flight tickets. They give you bonus air miles along with dining privileges and access to airport lounges

3. Insurance benefits

Some airport lounge Credit Cards also offer insurance benefits like accident cover or insurance against damage of goods.

4. Interest-free credit period

You can enjoy an interest-free period with some airport lounge cards. 

5. Access to airport lounges

As the name suggests, the lounge access cards offer privileged priority pass and complimentary lounge access at thousands of domestic as well as international airports. At these lounges you can experience luxury like quiet and comfortable spaces, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, hygienic shower facilities, spas and beds for long stopovers. 

6. Waivers on flight tickets

Of the different benefits you can avail on airport lounge Credit Cards, one is, special waivers on various cost components of a flight ticket price. For example, some cards can give you exemptions on fuel surcharge or meal bookings.


Examples of airport lounge Credit Cards

A good example of such cards is the HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card. The card offers exclusive benefits to its cardholders.

  • Complimentary access to more than 1,000 Priority Pass Airport Lounges across the globe.
  • Access to VISA/ MasterCard Lounges.
  • Access to three international and eight domestic airports in a year, for the cardholder and another person.
  • Complimentary Priority Pass membership.
  • Facility to redeem reward points for travel bookings or to convert them into air miles.
  • Foreign currency markup at just two per cent.

Documents you need to apply for airport lounge access Credit Cards

The documents may vary from bank to bank but, the common documents needed to apply for the card include;

  • ID proof like PAN card, Aadhaar, passport or voter id.
  • Latest bank salary slip.
  • Latest bank statements.

What can you do if the Credit Card is stolen?

If your airport lounge access Credit Card gets stolen, you can take the following measures;

  • Contact the customer care service immediately to block the card. Some banks offer the option to block cards temporarily too. 
  • Log onto net banking and report the card as stolen or lost.

Read more about Credit Card security here.

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