Multicurrency Forex Card benefits: 7 reasons why it’s a great travel companion

You have dreamed about and planned this world tour for the past six months to a year. Your family is as excited about the holiday. Together, you are all set to discover new places, cultures and experiences. 

But have you considered how you are going to carry cash to spend in the countries you visit?

Do you plan to carry multiple currencies in cash? Are you thinking of using an international credit or debit card for all your expenses? 

One of the best options is to pick a good  forex card like the HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card - A Forex Card is a Prepaid Card that you can use to pay for your purchases in different currencies. You could use the HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card to pay in as many as 22 currencies. 

Multicurrency ForexPlus Card  benefits

Here are 7 key benefits of a Forex Card!

1) Ease of use: One card, many countries

If you are travelling across countries, and you are carrying cash, you will have to take multiple currencies in your wallet and get used to doing mental gymnastics every time you pay for something. A Multicurrency Forex Card simplifies payment and makes travel hassle-free. Just swipe like a Credit or Debit Card and pay.

2) Most cost-efficient: Save on forex, spend on experiences

A forex card will usually get you a better exchange rate than other options such as cash or traveller’s cheques (TC). Besides better rates, you stand to benefit from features like waived off ATM access fee withdrawals (on Regalia ForexPlus Card ), zero cross-currency charges and lower transaction charges than international Credit or Debit Cards,  with a host of exclusive discounts.

3) Locked-in rates: Forget forex fluctuation worries

If you opt for foreign currency in cash, you run the risk of the cash losing some of its value if the forex rates fluctuate.  With a Forex Card, you are protected against forex fluctuations, because the rates are locked-in once you load the card.

4) Safe and secure: The hassle-free option

If you lose cash or it’s stolen, you are unlikely to get it back. Not so with Forex Cards. HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card come with features that make them a great travel companion. Features include:

-Transact securely at retail outlets with EVM Chip and PIN 
-Change your ATM PIN online whenever you wish 
-Temporarily block-unblock your card (for example, when you are not travelling block your card and unblock it before you travel next).
-Block lost card via Prepaid NetBanking or PhoneBanking. 
-Get insurance against unauthorised transactions on the card.

5) Globally accepted: Pay anywhere, anytime

Unlike travellers’ cheques, Forex Cards are widely accepted (most outlets that accept Credit Cards will take a Forex Card). In addition, you can use your Forex Card to withdraw cash from an ATM instantly.

6) Rich in features: Live the good life

Enjoy exclusive privileges such as a 24x7 personal concierge service, special discounts on a wide range of travel services, free international SIM card and emergency cash assistance if you lose your card. All these features are available with the HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card

7) Long life: Fill it, forget it

Frequent travellers know the travails of having leftover foreign currency. They must either pay a fee and change the currency back to rupees or store it with no real use for it (and risk forex fluctuations). And what if their next travel is to a completely different country? Multi-currency Forex Cards come with an expiry of about 3-5 years – you can use it across multiple trips and in multiple countries. And if you wish to encash it, you can pay a cashout fee which is better than Currency Cash Sell rate.

Now that you know some of the important Multicurrency Forex Card benefits, how do you plan to spend money during next trip abroad?

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