Redeeming Reward Points: 5 Steps To Follow

If you prefer using Debit Cards or Credit Cards for making regular and frequent transactions, you enjoy a host of benefits. Apart from greater ease of utility and convenience, one of the most popular advantages of using a card are the Reward Points. Reward Points are points or credits accumulated in your name for specific frequency or volume of transactions.

Every time a person uses a Debit or Credit Card for a particular transaction, the Debit or Credit Card company earns an ‘X’ amount called an 'interchange' fee. This fee is received from the merchant outlet. It often varies from 1% to 2.5%, and the outlet can also choose to negotiate a lower fee if the volumes are high.

Reward Points are basically used to encourage you to make greater use of Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Once you accumulate specific points, you are given a reward or certain benefits. These benefits are often in the form of discounts or cash backs.

How to redeem Reward Points?

Once you win specific Reward Points, it is important to redeem them. Usually, Reward Points are easy to redeem. They can be redeemed online, following an easy procedure.

Online redemption is the most convenient ways to redeem your Reward Points as it can be done without calling up the bank's customer care department. Most banks offer you home delivery for products purchased online against Reward Points.

You can also convert these points into air miles and use them to buy air tickets. This can prove beneficial for you if you are a frequent flyer.

Some loyalty programmes give a points-plus-pay option, wherein, you can use the points and pay the balance to get what you want. While some other programmes waive off the annual fee, in exchange for Reward Points.

Some banks also allow you to accumulate the Reward Points earned on the Credit and Debit Cards, belonging to the same bank, in one pool and you can redeem them together.

If you want to redeem your points with HDFC Bank, here are a few steps to follow-

  • Log into to your NetBanking Portal/Account on HDFC Bank website.

  • Once logged-in, click the ‘Cards’

  • Then click on the ‘Enquire’ tab in the Debit Card section.

  • Once you are taken to the next page, click on the ‘Cashback Enquiry and Redemption’ tab.

  • Select the account number for which you want to redeem the points and Voila! You can redeem the Reward Points.

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