How To Use Credit Card Wisely?

A Credit Card is one of the most convenient ways to pay. If you use it right, you can enjoy interest-free credit, many rewards and freedom from cash.

Our 7 tips will show you how to use your Credit Card for maximum benefit.

Time your purchases

Each Credit Card has its own billing cycle. Once you are aware of the bill generation date of your Credit Card, you can maximise your interest-free period.

For instance, if you make a purchase just after your Credit Card bill is generated, you can enjoy up to 45 interest-free days, and sometimes more.

Pay your bill before the due date

When you use your Credit Card regularly and pay your bill on time, your credit profile with the bank improves.

This can lead to a range of additional benefits, such as an increase in spending limit and great offers on Personal Loans and other financial products. Moreover, such actions will improve your credit score, which is extremely beneficial if your score is low.

Follow the rewards

Read your Credit Card booklet carefully, especially details about the benefits it offers and the reward programme.

Your Credit Card could open the door to a host of discounts on products and services besides privileges such as free lounge access and priority services at airports.

Earning Reward Points on your Credit Card spends can accrue several benefits in the long run, from free flight tickets to movie vouchers to mega discounts on electronics.

Be smart about repayment

Your bank may offer you convenient ways to pay back your Credit Card bills – for example, EMIs. When you choose this option, you can pay for large purchases in monthly instalments, like a mini-loan. This will help ease your financial strain. You can also make your Credit Card payments through the Credit Card NetBanking.

Use your card at trusted merchants

Whether you are shopping online or at a local store, ensure that the merchant or retailer is an establishment you trust. This will minimize risk of your card being misused.

Be alert with your Credit Card usage

Be prudent about Credit Card use. Avoid maxing out on your credit limit every month.

Monitor your Credit Card transactions regularly to notice specific patterns in your spending. Keeping track of your spends will also ensure that unexpected transactions come to your notice and you can point them out to your bank immediately. You can even set your limits on Credit Card in order to avoid any over spending.

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