How To Pay With A Credit Card?

You are planning to buy a television, and you are wondering how to pay using your Credit Card. Or are looking for solutions to simplify monthly bill payments, and want to know how to pay bills with a Credit Card.

Paying for anything with a Credit Card, online or offline, is simple.

How to pay with a Credit Card at an offline store?

To pay for your purchases at a retail outlet, be it a restaurant, a supermarket or a shopping mall, just present your card at the billing counter. The person at the counter will swipe or insert your card into a machine and ask you to enter your PIN (a secret code that only you know). Enter the digits of your PIN, and the transaction will be authorised. Sometimes, your transaction may be declined if you enter the wrong pin, haven’t paid your Credit Card dues, or have crossed your credit limit.

How to pay using a Credit Card online?

Most online sites will have a similar checkout or payment process, whether you are buying an airline ticket or a book. Once you complete your shopping and hit pay, you will be taken to a payment gateway. Enter your card number, name, the expiry date of the card, and the CVV number (the three-digit number on the back of your card). Sometimes, you may be asked for the billing address too.

When you submit this information, you will receive an OTP or one-time password on your registered mobile number or email address. Enter the OTP and submit to complete the transaction.

How to pay bills with a Credit Card?

You can pay all your bills using your HDFC Bank Credit Card conveniently.

  • Use PayNow to pay a wide range of bills such as electricity, mobile, DTH, insurance premiums, rentals instantly and without any registration
  • Register & Pay is an easy way to organize, manage and pay your bills. Just register a biller once, you can then automate bill payments. You don’t have to remember due dates or write cheques or stand in queues.
  • SmartPay takes the hassle out of paying bills completely. Just leave standing instructions on your Credit Card and your bills will be automatically paid month after month

Paying with your Credit Card, is just one of the many ways you can use it. You can click here to read more on how to maximise the use of your Credit Card and make use of its benefits today.

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