How to Pay Rent with Credit Card?

Paying your house rent is usually one of the biggest spends you make in a month. It is also important to pay your rent on time, and you may not have the liberty to skip paying the amount. For those living from pay cheque to pay cheque, an unfortunate and untimely cash crunch in a given month can thus leave you in a tight spot.

Credit Card can now come in handy to pay rent as well. There are plenty of web site and mobile applications available which offer the facility of Rent Pay. Customers can utilise this facility to pay rent on a monthly basis, using their Credit Cards.

How do I pay rent using Credit Card?

HDFC Bank customers need to register for Rent Pay at the merchant website. You need to fill in your details, along with that of your landlord. After the due process is completed by the merchant, you can start paying the monthly rent payments to your landlord using your HDFC Bank Credit Card. A nominal fee is generally charged for this purpose.

What are the benefits of paying rent using Credit Card?

The benefit is that your rent is deducted automatically, leaving no room for you to forget making the payment. Additionally, you get 45-60 days of credit as the rent remains in the Savings Bank Account. You can earn returns on this amount.

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