Here Is Why You Should Opt For UPI Payments Via Credit Cards

Here Is Why You Should Opt For UPI Payments Via Credit Cards

23 February, 2024

Today, you can pay for purchases with a credit card, either online or at a physical store. You can also opt for contactless payment via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) through a mobile application; something that was impossible just a few decades ago. With so many convenient payment options available, you are spoilt for choice. You can also now enjoy the best of both worlds by linking your credit card to your UPI.

What are the Benefits of Linking Credit Card to UPI?

When you link your credit card to UPI, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Wider Accessibility:

    While it might difficult to find PoS machines at all merchant establishments, the same is not true for UPI. Even smaller shops and service providers have QR codes or mobile numbers that you can make UPI payments to. Thus, you can make better use of the credit line extended to you and pay for your purchases no matter how big or small the establishment is.

  • One-time Linking:

    Linking your credit card to UPI is a one-time process. Once you have linked the two, initiating payments hardly takes seconds. Thus, you do not need to remember lengthy passwords to input details. With a few taps, you have paid via your credit card.

  • Contactless:

    In today’s times, contactless payments have become more valued than ever before. Paying with a credit card still requires you to touch a machine and punch in buttons. However, when you link your card to UPI, you can use those funds to pay without any contact whatsoever. You simply have to scan a QR code, authenticate the payment, and you are done!

  • Rewards:

    Since UPI is more accessible, you tend to use it more often. When you link your credit card with the same, the frequent usage also enables you to collect more reward points. Thus, you can redeem more points to access exciting rewards and perks. Often the perks include cashbacks, discounts, airport lounge access, fuel waivers, etc.

How to Link Your Credit Card with UPI?

When you link your credit card to your UPI, you can make payments using the credit line extended to you via the UPI mobile application. Since your credit card details are saved, you only need to enter the CVV and verify using a One Time Password (OTP), and you can pay for your purchases.

You can link your credit card to UPI apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. the process for linking the credit card will depend on the bank issuing the card. Once you have completed the process of linking your credit card, you will receive a message confirming the same.

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