Top Benefits of Hajj Umrah Card

Performing Hajj or Umrah, the Muslim pilgrimage, is one of the most beautiful experiences. However, travel to a foreign country is also filled with apprehensions, especially when it comes to money. Therefore, banks & financial institutions now you give the ease of carrying money in the safest way - the Hajj Umrah Forex Card.

What is the Hajj Umrah Forex Card?

The Hajj Umrah Forex Card is one that you can carry instead of cash. Hence, freeing your mind from the worries of safekeeping your money. It is safe, and you can recharge the card with as much money as you require and use it to make payments or withdraw cash during your pilgrimage. However, you must know that the card is issued in Saudi Riyals (SAR).

What does a Hajj Umrah Forex Card offer?

Your Hajj or Umrah should be a spiritual journey, void of worldly cares. However, being practical in certain matters can save you a lot of trouble. And the Hajj Umrah Forex Card can be of great help for the same. Here are some benefits of Hajj Umrah cards.

1) It is completely safe & secure. Modern cards have an embedded chip instead of a magnetic strip providing a greater level of security against counterfeiting and skimming card frauds.

2) You don’t have to think twice whether or not to carry some cash along. Such cards are usually accepted at all Visa/ Mastercard Merchant affiliated outlets and 24 hour VISA/ Mastercard affiliated ATMs worldwide.

3) Forex cards protect you from fluctuations in foreign currency rates, as they are locked when the currency is loaded in the card

5) There is 24x7 Global Customer Assistance Services for any concerns that you may have.

7) The card comes with insurance covers in case of misuse of lost card, counterfeiting or skimming, death, loss of baggage and passport reconstruction.

8) The card is easily reloadable when you are abroad through Phone Banking, MobileBanking or NetBanking.

9) You can easily keep a track of all your card transactions details, balance and activities through SMS and email.

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Make your Hajj, Umrah the beautiful experience it is meant to be. Leave your money worries behind now with the HDFC Bank Hajj Umrah Card custom-made for the pilgrimage.

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