Top 4 Ways to Fly for Free Around the World

If you have the urge to travel, you find yourself planning your itinerary to the next unexplored and exotic location. Your travel preferences may vary: some may visit the mountains, while others may explore the beach, but all travellers have one thing in common. Costs. Sometimes, with expenses skyrocketing, you may wonder whether there is a way to fly around the world for free.

The possibility of this might seem like something out of a fairytale, but what if we told you that there are indeed ways to fly for free. Here are some:

  • Enrol for a miles programme – Many airlines offer frequent flyers rewards programmes. If you travel by the same airline every time, it might make sense to register for a rewards programme offered by this airline. With every flight you take, you can earn airmiles which can be collected and redeemed for a free ticket with the airline. The only way you can earn these miles is when you travel with the airline or purchase miles on their website.
  • Look out for discount vouchers – May airlines and booking websites offer discount vouchers for a specific period of time. Keep a look out for these vouchers and redeem the points or money against a free or almost free airline ticket. However, it can be arduous and the voucher may be valid for a limited period.
  • Apply for a frequent flyer Credit Card – You can apply for a co-branded Credit Card that offers airmiles on spends made using the Credit Card. As described in this article, the frequent flyer Credit Card offers plenty of rewards, benefits and additional privileges such as complimentary lounge access at domestic and international airports. You not only gain miles while travelling, but also with each spend on the Credit Card. These miles can then be redeemed for a free flight.
  • Apply for a travel rewards card – A non-specific travel rewards card can also help you fly for free. Along with the welcome benefits, you earn reward points with each purchase made using the Credit Card. These reward points can then be redeemed for booking of flights through a specific travel portal. Just like the frequent flyer card, these cards also offer several additional privileges to its customers.

These are just some of the ways how to fly for free. There is a variety of HDFC Bank Credit Card that can help fulfil your dream of flying for free. Click here to explore and apply for one.

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