What's the best card for me? (Credit Card for the Frequent Flyers)

Your work might (literally) be taking you places, or you may be bitten by the travel bug. Whatever be the reason, you find yourself travelling frequently by air. You end up spending a significant amount of your money on flight tickets. In this scenario, wouldn’t it be great if you can also earn reward points and get special offers on flight tickets? Well, you’re in luck. There are number of Credit Cards in the market that offer airline miles and discounts when used while booking your flight tickets.

In this article, we list down some points you can keep in mind when choosing the best flight Credit Card for your frequent flying requirement:

  • Airline Miles – The co-branded Credit Cards with an airline or airline Credit Cards usually offer airline miles on use of the Credit Card. These miles can be redeemed against flight tickets. You can also gain access to special benefits offered by the airline, such as priority check-in and extra baggage allowance. These Credit Cards with airline miles are preferable when you book flights on the same airline. The best airline Credit Card is one which also offers welcome benefits to its customers.
  • Rewards – You can earn reward points with spend on your Credit Card, as described in detail in this article. Choose flight Credit Cards that offer reward points that can be redeemed against flight ticket booking or hotel stays. Such a card can turn out to be the best Credit Card to book flights with.
  • Offers – Some Credit Cards offer special discount on flight bookings exclusively for their members. The reward points earned on use of your Credit Card can be redeemed against special offers offered on websites such as yatra.com. Additionally, these websites open up special offers exclusively for card-holders.
  • Discounts – Choose a Credit Card that offers discounts on booking of flight tickets. These discounts may or may not be specific to a particular airline. If you frequently travel on multiple airlines, choose a card that can offer you a discount irrespective of the airline.
  • Additional privileges – Complimentary lounge access on domestic and international airports can be gained through a travel Credit Card. If you spend a lot of time on layovers or like to reach the airport very early (travel anxiety is fairly common), choose a Credit Card that gives you access to the lounge section at an airport. Priority pass is also offered by Credit Cards, which can come in handy for those running on a tight work schedule.

There is no single Credit Card that can fit all. Choose the best Credit Card for airline miles or travel rewards basis your needs and spends.

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