How to Make the Most of Dubai Shopping Festival

Is the shopaholic in you looking for a way to end the year on a high note? If so, Dubai has something unique to offer. If you plan to end your year with shopping and feasting, the Dubai Shopping Festival is where you need to be!

A shopper’s paradise, this month-long festival features a variety of items from apparels, perfumes, electronics to gold and beauty products for sale. It opens its doors to international visitors each year, with shoppers flocking from all over the globe for some serious shopping. The DSF started as a platform to promote the retail industry in Dubai and soon transformed into a massive celebration where millions of people are in attendance. Dubai hosts shopping Festivals throughout the year, but the splendour of the Dubai Shopping Festival is unmatchable.

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Your shopping time starts on 26th December

The DSF is usually held across various malls from Dubai to Souk Madinat. It is ritually held in December or January every year. Along with offering many opportunities to shop, the festival has proved to be a mega entertainment event over the years. You can also enjoy the fireworks shows, food stalls, flash mobs, pop-up runways and live concerts. Visitors also have a chance to take home some fantastic prizes. There is something for everyone! Take your little ones to see their beloved characters in live shows or get them to the Circus. DSF also has conducts fun and arts activities for kids throughout the month.

This year, with the completion of 24 years, the festival is now the world’s longest-running shopping festival. The DSF starts on 26th December 2019 and ends on 1st February 2020.

What can you shop for?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a place that has a lot to offer and is every shopper’s dream. Here is a list of things you can purchase at the festival:


If the designer clothes are on your shopping list, you have picked the perfect shopping destination. Right from Prada, Verri, Gucci, Louboutin, products by all the hotshots of the designer clothing industry are up for grabs! A wide variety of leather jackets are also available on sale.

Gold jewellery

If the price of gold is stopping you from purchasing it, Dubai Shopping Festival is here to your rescue. With beautiful, intricate designs available on genuine quality gold, this valuable metal is available for a fraction of the price. DSF is one of the best opportunities to expand your jewellery collection.


The Dubai Shopping Festival attracts many from the tech-savvy crowd who are looking for high-end gadgets at a substantial discount to its original cost.

Watches and perfumes

If you are on the hunt for diamond-studded designer watches or high-end perfumes, here is where you can purchase it without emptying your wallets. You can purchase products offered by various brands likes Rado, Cartier and other leading companies.

Organic Food and Handmade products

Ripe Bazaar is a small community market for small business and local farmers. From fresh organic fruits and vegetables, handmade goods, home décor, clothes and jewellery; Ripe Bazaar has a stall for every need.


Deals and discounts offered

It rains discounts at the Dubai Shopping Festival every year. You can get up to 75% off on nearly any product you pick. And that’s not all! You can participate in Raffles -- one of the highlights of this festival. With a chance to win amazing prizes, you could even be the lucky one who takes home a Lamborghini. The Infiniti Mega Raffles gives its participant the opportunity to win an Infiniti XS60 with an additional 150,000 Dirhams as cash prizes.

Moreover, the popular 12-hour super sale also makes a comeback on the very first day of the festival this year. It promises its shoppers 25-90% discounts as well as exclusive offers starting from noon until midnight. Known as the hub of electronics, DSF offers all electronic gadgets at 30-70% discount with additional gifts like home theatre speakers for free!


The best way to enjoy it

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