What is the interest rate for Credit Card Cash withdrawal?

Want to know about the Credit Card cash withdrawal charges and interest rate? We provide you with all necessary details.                

Your HDFC Bank Credit Card allows you to withdraw cash. You can use this facility to your advantage. Although the feature comes with a ceiling on cash withdrawal, during an emergency, it is of help. 

Credit Card cash withdrawal, also known as cash advance is a form of a loan. Thus, the bank charges interest. Before we proceed to learn about the interest rate, here’s a list of benefits you get on Credit Card cash withdrawal:

Perks of Credit Card cash withdrawal

1. Effortless:                                                                          

In times of crisis, your Credit Card comes in handy; you can easily withdraw cash. Even though Credit Card withdrawal charges are applicable, it is still the best option in need. 

2. Instant Funds:

You don’t need to wait to withdraw funds. Cash is available through any ATM 24x7 as per your requirement. 

3. Payment of fees: 

You pay fees only when you use the facility. Charges for withdrawing cash from HDFC Credit Card is only on utilisation basis.

4. Pay using EMI: 

If you withdraw cash through your Credit Card, you can pay it back via an EMI facility readily available on your card. 

Credit Card Cash Limit

The cash advance limit is the amount you can withdraw using your Credit Card. It is calculated as a percentage of the total available credit limit. At HDFC Bank, we offer a cash advance limit of 40 %. So, if your Credit Card limit is Rs 1 lakh, you can withdraw cash up to Rs 40,000. The type of your Credit Card ascertains your cash advance limit. 

Interest Rate for Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

An interest rate is applicable for Credit Card cash withdrawal. It is similar to the monthly interest charges levied on your Credit Card. Calculated at a monthly percentage rate on the cash amount withdrawn, the time frame for interest calculation is from the date of withdrawal until the settlement of the total withdrawn amount.

 It ranges anywhere between 1.99 per cent to 3.49 per cent. However, in case of any default, it is 3.50 per cent (maximum). The bank may change these rates as and when mandated by RBI. 

The interest is in addition to the Credit Card Cash withdrawal charges.

Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Fee

Every cash withdrawal transaction comes with a fee. The fee amount is billed in the following month’s statement. 

At HDFC Bank, a 2.5 per cent fee on the withdrawn amount or Rs500, whichever is higher is levied. For instance, you withdraw Rs40,000 with your HDFC Credit Card,the withdrawal fee levied will be Rs1,000, calculated at 2.5 per cent. Similarly, you withdraw a smaller amount of Rs5,000, and you will be charged Rs500. Do keep in mind that this fee is at the prudence of the bank and is subject to change. The Credit Card withdrawal charges are applied from the date of withdrawal until the payment is settled. 

Now that you know about the cash withdrawal charges in HDFC Credit Card use this facility to your advantage. To apply for a Credit Card, Click here to get started.

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