All About Swiggy Money Redemption

All About Swiggy Money Redemption

18 January, 2024

Swiggy Money is a virtual wallet offered by Swiggy, one of India's leading food delivery platforms. It's a handy way to pay for delicious meals, groceries and other household items. In this article, you can get information on Swiggy Money, how to use it, how to redeem it, and how to make the most of this feature.

What is Swiggy Money?

Swiggy Money is a digital wallet provided by Swiggy to its users. It's similar to other digital wallets but primarily designed for food orders and related transactions within the Swiggy app. When you have funds in your Swiggy Money wallet, you can use it to pay for your food orders.

How to Load Money into Swiggy Money Wallet?

Here’s how you can load money in your Swiggy wallet:

  1. Launch the Swiggy app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on your profile icon in the app's top left or right corner.

  3. Within your profile, you'll find an option called "Swiggy Money." Tap on it.

  4. Choose the "Add Money" option and enter the amount you want to add to your wallet.

  5. Select your preferred payment method, a Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, or other available options.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction securely.

You can also load your Swiggy Money wallet with a gift card.

How to Redeem Swiggy Money?

You can redeem your Swiggy Money to pay for various Swiggy services. These include:

  • Food delivery

  • Instamart

  • Dineout

  • Genie

Note that Swiggy Money expires post 1 year of earning cashback. Swiggy Money cashback with the closest expiry date will be used first.

How to Use Swiggy Money?

Now that you have funds in your Swiggy Money wallet, let's explore how to use it -

  • Place Food Orders

    The primary purpose of Swiggy Money is to pay for your food orders on the Swiggy app. When you're ready to order, select your items, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. In the payment section, choose Swiggy Money as your payment method. The amount will be deducted from your wallet, and you'll receive an instant confirmation of your order.

  • Quick and Contactless Payments

    Swiggy Money offers a quick and contactless payment experience. You don't need to enter your card details or worry about cash. Just a few taps and your meal is on its way.

  • Split-Pay Option

    If the food order value exceeds the Swiggy Wallet balance, you can use the split-pay option which allows you to pay the rest of the amount via another payment instrument.

  • Pay for Other Swiggy Services 

    Apart from food orders, Swiggy Money can be used for other Swiggy services, such as Swiggy Instamart and Swiggy Genie. This adds even more versatility to your digital wallet.

Swiggy Money – Expiry

Swiggy Money expires post 1 year of earning the cashback. Keep an eye on your wallet balance and any promotions that Swiggy may offer. You can quickly check your wallet balance within the Swiggy app and set up notifications for discounts and offers.

Apply for the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card

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*The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. Credit Card approvals at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank Limited. Credit Card approvals is subject to documentation and verification as per Bank's requirement. Interest rates are subject to change. Please check with your RM or closest bank branch for current interest rates.

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