Anyone can apply for HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card.

To purchase HDFC Bank GiftPlus Card

1. HDFC Bank Account Holder Login to NetBanking -> Cards -> Prepaid cards -> Purchase Gift card & follow on screen instructions
2. Non HDFC Bank Customer can visit nearest HDFC Bank Branch -> Fill application along with a photograph and any of the OVD (Official Valid Documents) listed below

  •  Passport
  •  Driving License 
  •  Voter's Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India
  •  Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
  •  Letter issued by National Population Register containing details of the name and address
  •  Aadhar card (In case Aadhar card is provided by cardholder voluntarily, Aadhar card consent form is  mandatory)