Your HDFC Bank RuPay NRO Debit Card gives you access to your HDFC Bank Account at the following locations:

1. At Merchant Outlets for Shopping

Your card can be used online on domestic websites. Effective 1st December, 2013, as per RBI mandate you need to complete the Point-of-Sale transaction at merchant location using your ATM PIN. Effective 1st December 2013, transaction at merchant outlet will be declined if wrong/NO PIN entered

Present your Card to the merchant after selecting your purchases. The merchant will swipe the Card through the electronic terminal and enter the amount of purchase

On approval, the terminal will print out a transaction slip with all the details of the purchases. Check the slip and sign at the appropriate place. Your account with HDFC Bank will be debited online for the amount of your purchase (Subject to availability of funds in your account)

The merchant will return a copy of the transaction slip and your Card. Please ensure that you have received your own Card

2. For online shopping with your RuPay NRO Debit Card

You can shop online using your HDFC Bank RuPay NRO Debit Card by using RuPay NRO PaySecure

3. At HDFC Bank ATMs:

At HDFC Bank ATMs you can avail the following services:

  • Account Selection
  • Cash Withdrawal/Balance Enquiry
  • Cheque/Cash Deposit
  • Mini Statement of Accounts
  • Account Statement/Cheque book Request
  • Funds Transfer between your own Accounts
  • PIN Change
  • BillPay

4. At other banks’ ATMs, you can avail:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry