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If you have a question or query regarding our services, we are here to help. Listed below are answers to a few questions you might have. In case you have a specific query related to your membership, our helpful customer service representatives in can also provide assistance.

Product Features

Q: What is flexible spend limit?

Flexible spend limit allows you to spend above your assigned credit limit. This spend limit is flexible and varies every month based on your spend and payment pattern. All transactions above the spend limit will be approved on a case-to-case basis after telephonically verifying the authenticity of the transaction with you. These steps are taken in order to safeguard you against risk of fraudulent transactions.

Q: How can I avail of the Priority Pass membership?

The Priority Pass membership card is sent to you along with the HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card in the welcome kit. You need to present the Priority Pass card at the participating airport lounge in order to avail access.

Q: What are the benefits of the Priority pass membership?

Priority Pass membership allows preferential access to 1000+ airport lounges around the world. You can use the lounges for rest and refreshment, and use facilities like phones, fax, Internet and conferencing. Please note that the usage of various facilities is complimentary only for the Priority Pass holder.

Q: Is usage of the Priority Pass airport lounge facility free?

As an Infinia primary card member, you can avail all lounge facilities free of charge through the Priority Pass card. The charge for all guests accompanying the primary card member will be $27 per person per visit. The latest list of lounges and T&C is available at

Q: Is the Airport Lounge Access applicable for Spouse / add on Card holders?

Yes, provided they have a Priority Pass issued in their name. Add on card holders can now enjoy the lounge access through Priority Pass without paying any fee.

Q: Is insurance cover available on the HDFC Bank Infinia Card?

We provide the following complimentary insurance covers with the card:

• Accidental Death: In case of death in an air accident, the nominated next of kin will receive a compensation of Rs 3 crore
• Medical Emergency Cover: This unique cover provides protection of up to Rs 50 lakhs against any medical emergency while the card member is travelling outside the home country
• Credit Shield: The outstanding amount on the HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card is covered to an extent of Rs 9 lakh in case of death

Please note: All the above insurance covers are valid for the primary card member only. These covers will be available only after the card member activates his/her HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card and till the time the card remains in regular

Q: What is Emergency Hospitalization Cover?

If, during the Period of Insurance (i.e., till the card remains in regular status), the card member sustains bodily injury or sudden unexpected sickness while travelling abroad, the insurance company will reimburse the necessary usual and reasonable medical expenses incurred up to Rs 50 lakhs to the hospital or to card member once he/she submits the claim with all the necessary documents.

Fees & Charges

Q: What is the membership fee for the HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card?

First year fee is Rs 10,000+GST and annual renewal membership fee is Rs 10,000+GST.

The customer however can enjoy waiver of the renewal fee if the spends are minimum Rs 8,00,000 within the 12 months.Also,if the renewal fee is levied,10000 reward points will be credited to the customer account.(Reward point=1) (when redeemed on

Q: Is there any fee for withdrawing cash?

There is no fee for cash withdrawals through ATMs. Only finance charges will apply from the date of transactions.

Q: What interest rate will apply for revolving balance?

Infinia offers one of the lowest interest rates available today: 1.99% (GST applicable) per month for revolving balances.

Q: Is there any mark-up fee for foreign currency transactions?

As an esteemed Infinia card member, you will be charged only 2%(GST applicable) of the transaction amount as a mark-up fee for foreign currency transactions. This offer is exclusively for HDFC Bank Infinia card holders 


Q: What is my liability in case I lose my HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card?

You need to report the loss to the bank immediately through the dedicated customer care number or the 24-hour call centre. Any fraudulent transactions after reporting the loss will be covered through insurance and you will have no liability for it. You must also file a lost report for the lost/stolen card at the nearest police station and send us the acknowledgement copy, along with a written confirmation at: The Manager - Customer Services, HDFC Bank Cards Division, PO Box No. 8654, Thiruvanmiyur PO, Chennai - 600041.

Q: Can I avail of add-on cards for family members?

Yes. You can get upto 3 add-on Infinia Cards for your spouse, parents, siblings and children over 18 years and not more than 70 years. The prevailing KYC policy will apply for add-on applicants.

Q: What is the Fuel surcharge benefit on Infinia card?

Convenience fee waiver of 1% plus GST on all fuel transactions. The waiver on convenience fee on all fuel transactions upto Rs 1,00,000 (Maximum waiver of Rs 1000 in every billing cycle,minimum transaction of Rs 400).
Fuel surcharge varies from 2.5% to 1% of fuel transaction amount. The rate of surcharge may vary depending on the fuel station and their acquiring bank.

Q: What are the sourcing criteria for a HDFC Bank Infinia Card? How can one apply for the card?

The HDFC Bank Infinia Card is available by invitation only.