How to Download TDS Certificate through Online?

Please note you can now download the TDS certificate from Netbanking Accounts Module ,Go to Request section click on "TDS Inquiry". We request you to follow the below mentioned process :

  • Log in into NetBanking through the Customer ID and NetBanking Password (IPIN).
  • Select "TDS Inquiry" under the "Request" option on the left hand pane.
  • Select the Financial Year and Quarter for which the certificate is required.
  • Click on Continue and confirm.

Additional information:-

  • Currently, TDS Certificate for the Quarter 1 , Quarter 2, Quarter 3 AND Quarter 4 are available.
  • TDS certificates will be available only if PAN is updated and there is a tax deduction in the financial quarter.
  • TDS certificate will be in PDF Format.

How to change existing fixed deposit account tenure?

We regret to inform you that tenure selected for the fixed deposit account cannot be changed once the account is opened. In this case we suggest that you can close your existing fixed deposit account and open a new account with a desired tenure.

How is TDS deducted?

Check the deduction rates below:

Tax RateSurchargeEducation CessTOTAL
Resident Individuals & HUF10%--------10%
Corporate Entity10%--------10%
Co-operative Societies & Local Authority10%--------10%

Can TDS be recovered from my principle of the FD?

If the interest amount is not sufficient to recover TDS, then a hold will be marked on FD towards applicable TDS amount. The TDS will be recovered on next interest payout, partial FD closure, premature closure or when sufficient funds are available in CASA. If customer wishes to have TDS recovered from CASA, same can be availed by filling separate declaration at branch.

When does the Bank issue a TDS Certificate?

The TDS Certificate, Form 16A, for TDS deducted during a calendar quarter, will be issued in the next month of the respective quarter.

Can TDS influence the maturity of my deposit?

Yes, in case of reinvestment deposits ,the interest reinvested is post TDS recovery & hence the maturity amount for re-investment deposits would very to the extent of tax and compounding effect on tax for the period subsequent of deduction till maturity.

What are the implications of booking an FD without PAN?

In the absence of PAN, following are the implications for customers:

  • TDS will be recovered at 20%(as against 10%)
  • NO TDS credit from the Income Tax department
  • NO TDS certificate will be issued (As per CBDT circular no:03/11)
  • Form 15G/H and other exemption certificates will be invalid and penal TDS will apply

Will changes to my deposit portfolio affect my TDS liability?

Yes. If the change or enhancement in your deposit portfolio earns a cumulative interest along with that of the earlier portfolio greater than Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 50,000 for senior citizens)  in a financial year, you will be liable for TDS on your current portfolio.

Note :If interest on the current portfolio is not sufficient to cover TDS, it will be recovered from the principal.

When is TDS deducted for Regular Fixed Deposit?

TDS is deducted every time the Bank pays/re-invests interest during the Financial year.In addition TDS is also deducted on interest accrued(but not yet paid) at the end of financial year viz. 31st March.

What documents are required to open a senior citizen Regular Fixed Deposit?

While opening the account, the customer needs to provide proof of age establishing that he/she is a Senior Citizen. To accomplish this, either of the following can be submitted:

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (10th Class)
  • LIC Policy
  • Voters Identity Card
  • Pension Payment Order
  • Birth Certificate issued by the competent authority
  • Passport
  • Defence ID Card / Govt ID Card (Provided they have the cardholder's photo, signature and date of birth)
  • PSU Issued ID Cards
  • Senior Citizen Cards issued by Indian Airlines / Indian Railways
  • PAN Card

Can I open a joint account with a non-senior citizen for Regular Fixed Deposit?

You can, as long as the first account holder is a senior citizen.

As a Regular Fixed Deposit holder, How do I apply for an exemption on TDS?

If your total interest income for the year does not fall within the overall taxable limits, you should let us know. You can do this by submitting a form as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

A few things to note:

  • You can get the 15AA form from the Assessing Officer of the Income Tax department.
  • Even with the 15H/15AA form, the tax that has already been deducted by way of TDS during the year prior will not be refunded. However, you will get a certificate, which can be used while filing your tax return.
  • 15H/15AA Forms are valid only for the financial year in which they are issued.
  • A fresh 15G/H form needs to be completed for each deposit that is placed with the Bank, and it should be completed within the first week of the financial year.

How to prematurely liquidate the Fixed Deposit Online?

You can liquidate your Fixed Deposits through NetBanking. This facility would be available to Fixed deposits held under "Sole Owner (SOW)" relationship only.

Following are the steps for liquidating your Fixed Deposit online:

  • Access your NetBanking account with your Customer ID and IPIN (NetBanking Password)
  • Select "Liquidate Fixed Deposit " option under the Fixed Deposit menu from the Menu bar located on the left hand side of the web page
  • Select the Fixed Deposit account number from the Drop-down lists
  • Once complete, click on "Continue" and "Confirm" the details entered
  • A new web page, confirming the Liquidating Fixed Deposit will be displayed.

Further, kindly note that:

  • Fixed Deposits in the name of Non-individuals are not allowed for liquidation through NetBanking.
  • Fixed deposit in the joint name cannot be liquidated online.

What is the new policy with regards to PAN to book fixed deposit with our bank?

  • Where the total value of Fixed deposit per customer id <= 50,000( including the new FD being booked ) No pan , & no form 60
  • Where the total value of fixed deposit per customer id > 50,000( including the new FD being booked) PAN required mandatorily

​​​​​​​When do I become liable for TDS?

If the aggregate interest that you are likely to earn for all your deposits held across branches in a customer id is greater than Rs.40,000/- (Rs.50,000/- for senior citizen) in a financial year , you become liable for TDS.

Note: Tax liability for TDS purpose is determined basis per pan no and not as per branch per pan no . Deposits held by minors are also subject to TDS. The credit for the TDS can be claimed by the person in whose hands the minor's income is included.