Enclosed below are HDFC Bank Overdraft against FD/Super Saver Facility Interest Rates & Charges

Earn the interest of a Fixed Deposit, which varies according to the tenure of your deposit.

For the amount withdrawn, the applicable rate is only 2% above the fixed deposit rate for the period that the money is used.

The following are eligible to open a Overdraft against FD/Super Saver Account.

  • Resident Individual (sole or joint account)
  • Hindu Undivided Family
  • Private  & Public limited companies
  • A minimum amount of Rs 25,000/- for a minimum tenure of 6 months 1 day is required to open a Overdraft against FD/Super Saver Account, in addition to a Zero Balance Savings Account.

Only Senior Citizens / Retired Personnel (above 60 years of age) who are Resident Indians are eligible for the Senior Citizen rate on the INR fixed deposit.